Anatomy of an ARF

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Page 2: A Factory full of 'Custom Builders'
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Our ARFs are crafted by "custom builders" who use top-quality materials and traditional built-by-hand techniques.

So how do you get factory-produced models that are "Built the way you'd build 'em if you had the time."? Well, we start with ARF manufacturers with the highest quality standards and leading edge technology, and who share our passion for producing top quality models. We then work closely with them along the entire process of development and production, helping them train their staff to become custom model builders. They learn how to cut, assemble and glue structure. How to sand, smooth and shape it. And how to cover with detail and professional precision. Our ARFs really are build like a kit, with all wood construction, high-quality materials and hardware, and no low-cost shortcuts.

Better parts for a better whole.

In addition to the top-quality crafstmanship, we also make sure every material, part and accessory is top-drawer, too. Most often, things like aluminum motor mounts, landing gear, fiberglass cowls and wheel pants are custom-built to our specifications. But many times we use the same, reliable name-brand hardware you do, from companies like Du-Bro and Sullivan. As for covering, well you can't do better than the genuine Goldberg UltraCote® that we use on our Ultra Series ARFs. The way we look at it is, if our staff wouldn't use it on our own personal models, we won't put it in one of our ARF's.

But those aren't the only parts that are better. Instructions, product support and information are parts of every Hangar 9 ARF, and they're better, too. Instruction manuals are written by us, so there's nothing lost in the translation. In fact, our manuals are so complete that some, like the UltraStick's, even cover radio programming. Plus, if you have a question that isn't covered, call. Our product support technicians have actual experience with these models. Some are even "world class" modelers that you've probably seen in magazines.

Ultra Series™

Quite possibly the world's best ARFs (Almost Ready to Fly) and VRTFs (Virtually Ready to Fly), Ultra Series™ handcrafted all-wood airplanes are beautifully designed, and constructed with the same attention to detail you'd give them yourself...if you had the time! ARFs are 90% pre-built, and covered in genuine Goldberg UltraCote®, which is repairable should you have a "minor mishap." Each plane comes complete with all the parts and hardware you need: landing gear, wheels and fuel tank, plus linkages, pushrods, control horns, spinner, engine mount and more. Just add an engine, prop and radio system. VRFTs can be in the air in as little as two hours, thanks to their bolt-together technology with little or no gluing. But whether ARF or VRTF, the Ultra Series designation is your guarantee of premium quality.

Value Series

Open a Hangar 9 ARF, and you'll find beautiful 90% pre-built and covered components ready for final assembly.

Value Series ARFs are designed to be economical, without skimping on quality craftsmanship and features. 90% pre-built, each plane features quality construction and colorful preprinted PVC covering. Like Ultra Series kits, they come complete with all the parts and hardware you need. Just add an engine, prop, and radio system. With Value Series ARFs, you get it all,- quality features and performance- at prices that won't break your budget.

So what's it add up to?

Well, the ARF has evolved from a second class model to the "standard" at most flying fields. But that hasn't happened by accident. It's taken a lot of effort, by a lot of flyers, designers and manufacturers. And Hangar 9 has led the way.

Today, more and more people are flying really terrific ARFs, and when you walk the flight-line at most flying fields, good luck telling them from the kit-built model. But here's a hint: nowadays the better looking, better flying one just might be the ARF.