3D with Mike McConville (Part Two)

11/15/2000 by

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Page 3: Two more maneuvers for your 3D bag of tricks.
Page 4: The Parachute
Page 5: The Wall
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If you read our previous article on 3D flying, Wild Card CAP in the Summer Quarterly 1999, you'll remember we talked about five main 3D maneuvers:
The Harrier
- very slow forward flight in a very nose high (about 45 degrees) attitude.

Torque roll

- "hovering" vertically in place, rotating left around its roll axis.
The Elevator
- where the plane drops vertically while in a nose high attitude.
- a continuous tail-over-nose descending flip. It is not a loop, but the aircraft actually flops around its canopy.
The Blender
- a vertical diving roll that virtually stops its descent as it instantaneously enters into a flat spin.

Since we covered them in that first article, let's jump right into two new ones that are a lot of fun.

The Wall
The Parachute

These two new maneuvers are a great addition to your repertoire. And once you've mastered them, here's a knock-'em-dead combo that's become one of my favorites to do with the Extra:

Takeoff normally, but as soon as the Extra is airborne, chop the throttle and do the Wall, then transition into a Torque Roll over the runway.

But one thing's for sure, you're going to want to practice all of this stuff up high before you try that!