3D with Mike McConville (Part Two)

11/15/2000 by

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Page 4: The Parachute
Page 5: The Wall
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What it is: The Wall is a Parachute turned on end. The model starts in normal level flight and suddenly corners nose up 90° if it hit a wall.

Setup: Same as the Parachute.

How to do it: Start from about 100 feet straight and level, chop throttle, and as the model begins to slow down, quickly pull full up elevator. When the plane corners to vertical, add full power and release the up elevator. (Tip: Start a low speed and add power at the same time that you begin to pull full up elevator.

Recovery: Simply release the elevator, go to full throttle, and fly out upward.

Advanced Recovery: Juggle the throttle to sustain a hover and transition into a Torque Roll.

Worst way to mess up: If you don't get the throttle in quickly enough, the model falls backward. Not good.