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Page 1: Saito Power

Nobody builds a better 4-stroke than Saito, 'cause 4-strokes are all Saito™ builds.

What makes them better? Well, start with the cylinder and head. Instead of joining the cylinder head to the head with long bolts, Saito does it the way expensive racing engines (like Offenhausers®) are done. In one piece. Unlike a 2-piece system, a unitized cylinder and head simply can't leak. It can't distort. It simply has to run better. The one-piece, integrated head system also transfers heat more evenly, and cools better, too. They can run as much as 200 degrees cooler than the competition.

Saito™ engines also feature true chrome ABC/AAC cylinder lining. When used in conjunction with a ringed piston, the result is a quality liner that's nearly impossible to wear out with conventional use. Another hallmark of the Saito system is an outstanding power-to-weight ratio. Saito™ engines often provide greater output than the competition, while weighing considerably less. Saito maximizes power in every way possible, while keeping in mind the overall philosophy of simplicity and ease of handling and reliability. And of course, the minute you fire one up, you'll hear why you made a good choice, too. Instead of the usual 2-stroke "whine", your ears will be greeted to a pleasant "phutta-phutta" sound. It sounds more realistic because it is more realistic.

So the only question left is which Saito™ is right for your model? Will it be an FA-30, a light, compact little gem in all silver, or a big, beautiful radial in the flashy Golden Knight finish? No matter what model and size you choose, mount up one of these powerhouses, and you'll find out what 4-stroke satisfaction is all about. And, you'll see why top modelers, like the guys across the page, stick with Saito™ year, after year, after year....