Super Snap Roll

5/16/2001 by

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Eric Meyers uses the snap roll button on his 10X to drop fuel tanks from his Moki 1.8 powered Yellow P-38.

When setting up an airplane, my cardinal rule is to try keep pilot workload to a minimum- by programming the radio so that it does as much work as possible. One of the ways to make things easy is to assign momentary operations- like bombs, wheel brakes, speed brakes, towhooks, or "burners" to a momentary switch like the 10X's snap roll button. This assumes I'm not using the snap roll button for its named function- no biggie, because I've been weaned off the button in favor of using my thumbs for snaps.

The advantage of using the snap roll button for functions is obvious to those who've tried to put 'em on a switch- you'll never have to remember which side is "open" and which side is "closed". The snap roll button "remembers" for you. All you have to do is push the button, and away go your bombs, your speed brakes, your whatever.

And when you really get into programming your 10X, you'll discover that with flight modes, you can use the snap roll button for more than one function- bombs in flight mode one, fuel tanks in mode two, brakes in mode three.