Why Wear a CAP?

2/26/2001 by Peter Goldsmith

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Page 1: Why a CAP
Page 3: Structure
Page 4: Personality

Interestingly, I have never analyzed this question from a holistic viewpoint: "why I prefer to fly the Cap design." There are many reasons why in fact I do actually prefer Caps. Accumulatively, the following article will hopefully answer the question that was posed to me: "Why do you fly Caps?"

Let's start with a simple process of setting your goals. What is my goal? My goal is to have the best equipment so as to leave no excuses concerning my result. In other words, I want it to be totally up to me and my ability as to why I place where I do. Whether it is first place or a hard fought third, the result should be totally due to my abilities and nothing to do with equipment disadvantages or available time for preparation. What ever your goals are, try to adhere to them, continuing to strive for the ultimate goal, the goal of whatever it is you want from this great hobby. Ok, sorry to do the "Oprah" thing, but now you may understand why I am so passionate about this hobby, and why I say, "everything good in my life has come from it." What all this has got to do with aerobatics, or Caps for that matter, well…knowing what you want in life is the first step in any job, relationship, or, in this case, sport and hobby.

Probably the first priority and the most asked question is what is the best aerobatic performer? The question itself is impossible to answer without asking further questions. In what medium are you using your aerobatics? Is it sport power, glider aerobatics, entry-level competition, or unlimited IMAC competition? Each of these definitions will have a different answer as to what is the best aircraft for the job. Before I go any further, I would like to say that these are my own opinions, and that they are not based on million dollar research programs, nor are they from some novel on the ultimate definition of aerobatic aircraft. They are concluded from my own personal findings. As the best tool for me to achieve my goals on the aerobatic competition circuit I have chosen the Cap design, more specifically the Cap232. The best way to bring clarity to the subject is to break it down into segments. What are the main reasons for choosing a design? 1. Aerobatic performance - does the aircraft perform at a level you require, will it do the maneuvers you plan to do? 2. Structure - is the aircraft strong enough to perform the maneuvers you are planning on doing, more importantly is it light enough (weight is everything in aerobatics)? 3. Personality - do you like the look of the Aircraft, are you proud to own one?