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Page 2: Advanced Programming
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Using the Flap Switch and Snap Button for Three Functions from One Channel

This is a good time to get to know code 75, Servo Monitor. It will help you sort out the commanded servo position-critical to understanding what you're programming the radio to do. Follow the instructions precisely. If you miss any details, the mix won't give you the desired results. Picking up from point 10 (where the unit is programmed and working on Aux 4), now we want to use a switch and button to perform activations, not a knob. Here's what to do:

Disconnect the proportional servo from the MatchBox.
With the Aux 4 knob still functioning, program in
the following:

   Code 51: assign Aux4 to Aux 4 mix. Assign POS 1
to "MD". Turn flap knob full clockwise and
establish offset of +85 Skip programming
adjustments for now.

   Code 52: Assign Aux 4 to Aux 4 mix. Assign POS 1
to "LD". With flap knob full clockwise, establish

offset of +85.
   Code 53: Assign Aux 4 to Aux 4 mix. Assign
POS 1 to "SNP". With flap knob in full clockwise
position, establish offset of +85.
Go to code 17 and adjust Aux 4 to INH.
Now we'll assign values for mixes to get the
servos to move:

   Code 51: Put the three-position Flap lever in
"MD" or Middle position (POS 1). Increase value
in cursor until servo moves (mine was +40).

   Code 52: Put flap lever in "LD" or Land position
so (POS 1) shows. Increase value until 2nd servo
moves (mine was +69).

   Code 53: Now with the flap lever in the low position,
push the snap button and your third servo will
actuate (due to the offset, the value is changed in
code 75 without needing any values in the mix).

If done correctly, you should have three servos which move sequentially, using a three position switch and the snap button. Good luck and happy programming!