New from Sportwerks - the 1/8 Mayhem RTR

6/28/2004 by

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Disorder. Riot. Havoc. Mayhem.

A buggy is made to get dirty. To pound around in the mud and the gravel. You want one that's durable, feature-packed and fun. Introducing the Sportwerks™ Mayhem™, the most feature-filled 1/8-scale 4WD RTR buggy ever made. Why spend money on expensive upgrade parts for another buggy, when you can get them already installed? Whether you're racing on a track or rioting in the muck, there's no greater value than the Sportwerks Mayhem RTR.

Dialed for pro-level excitement with a .26 racing engine, push-button electric starter and JR® XR3i computer radio system already installed, the Mayhem offers racing features unlike those you'll find on similar buggies. For instance, hard-anodized threaded shock bodies, which usually are available only as hop-ups, feature machined- aluminum adjuster nuts with an internal O-ring that guarantees a perfect fit to the shock body. 3.5mm shock shafts add durability. The differentials feature steel gears with O-ring seals, since handling and performance can be tuned when the differentials are filled with various viscosities of silicone oil. Ultra-long suspension arms allow the Mayhem to soak up the bumps better and to be easily tuned to almost any track condition. The extremely tough race-ready chassis is made from 3mm-thick aerospace-quality 6061-T6 aluminum and is hard-coated for strength and scratch-resistance.

Speed is no problem for the powerful Sportwerks .26 racing engine. It features a handheld electric starter that gets the Mayhem running quickly at the press of a button. It also offers a factory-installed clutch and 053 tuned exhaust system, as well as a competition 7-port design, slide-valve carburetor with three O-ring-sealed carb venturi inserts, true ABC piston/cylinder, turbo crankshaft and rubber-sealed front crankcase bearing.

If you're into speed, power and engineering excellence, there's no greater value than the most innovative 1/8 ready-to-run buggy ever created-the Mayhem from Sportwerks.

Adjustable Wheelbase: 12.8-13 in
Width: 12.2 in
Length: 19.4 in
Weight: 7.6 lb
Gear Ratio: 10.86:1
Adjustable Track (Front): 10.6-12.2 in
Track (Rear): 12.2 in