Review: Venture 50 3D ARF

8/9/2004 by Rick Bell

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Issue:  July 2004

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To make the first flights easier, I broke in the O.S. 50SX-H on the bench. This allowed me to get the carb closely dialed in and made it easier to start the engine. For fuel, I used Wildcat 30 percent heli fuel and a set of Northern Helicopter Products (NHP) 600mm carbon-fiber blades with great results. Before flying the Venture, I dialed in pitch and throttle curves for normal and aerobatic flight modes.

The Venture 50 is a nice, midsize heli that I enjoyed flying
from the very start. During the first liftoff, a slight bladetracking
adjustment was needed to bring the blades into alignment. This indicates that the factory-set pushrod lengths were very close. After that, slight adjustments to the hovering and pitch curves were needed to suit my requirements. This resulted in a very stable, rock-solid hover. The cyclic response is very positive and quick. After a few tanks of fuel had been run through the Venture, it was time to fly; the Venture showed a lot of agility. Basic aerobatics such as loops and rolls were very uneventful. Fastforward flight didn't show any tendencies to pitch up or down.

Aggressive aerobatics were next on the list, and the model took it all in stride. The tail held well during backward flight and during pirouetting maneuvers. A 3D pitch curve of -9 degrees to +9 degrees suited the heli nicely. Tumbling and flipping maneuvers were effortless, as were other 3D-type maneuvers -a sign of powerful, well-balanced cyclic controls. The heli felt very comfortable with a head speed of around 1800rpm. The Venture 50 is a user-friendly heli that inspires confidence.

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