Sport Model or Scale Warbird?

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Hangar 9 P-40 Warhawk (HAN2850)
The Warhawk is based on Rudy Frasca's full-size P-40E, which has been seen in numerous Hollywood productions, including the Steven Spielberg fillm "1941."
Rely on Hangar 9's durable metal-constructed 90° rotating retracts, which come factory-installed.
Choose from a wide variety of recommended engines, including the 4-stroke Saito FA-100 and the 2-stroke Evolution Engines .61NT.

The P-40

The Flying Tigers. Called "Fei Hu" by the Chinese, these brave members of the American Volunteer Group formed a secret operation of American airmen recruited to stop the advance of the Japanese in Southeast Asia.

Perched within mighty P-40s, Flying Tiger pilots led by General Claire Chennault destroyed nearly 300 Japanese airplanes in combat, while losing only twelve of their own.

The P-40 was one of World War II's most popular U.S. fighter planes. And with its realistic scale looks and sensational sport performance, Hangar 9's new P-40E Warhawk 60 ARF puts you right into the middle of war torn Asian skies. It's a startlingly accurate scale rendition of an actual Flying Tiger aircraft owned by Rudy Frasca of Urbana, Illinois.

Finely constructed from lightweight balsa and ply and covered in authentic Hangar 9® UltraCote®, the P-40E Warhawk features a prepainted fiberglass cowl and belly pan, as well as the famous Flying Tiger "shark's mouth" factory-painted to match the original plane.

As if flying a remarkable replica of an actual Flying Tiger plane isn't enough, this 'bird flies like a nimble sport model, thanks in part to its lightweight construction and design, which ensures maneuverability and superb aerobatic performance. It's extremely stable and flies very well at all speeds. It's built to operate with a wide variety of engines; with a Saito™ FA-100, vertical performance is excellent and huge loops are a breeze. Hangar 9's heavy-duty metal-constructed 90° rotating retracts come factory-installed to ensure solid landings.

Remarkable scale warbird detail. Sensational sport performance. The new P-40E Warbird 60 ARF from Hangar 9. We bet you can already taste the sweat on your lip and hear the bullets clanging against the canopy.

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