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Only HobbyZone and ParkZone offer park flyers with revolutionary X-Port technology that can add even more fun and excitement to flights. With X-Port accessories, RC enthusiasts can transform an airplane into a long-range bomber, a master aerial combat machine, or an illuminated flyer on a calm night. Here’s how X-Port works:

The optional HobbyZone X-Port accessories simply attach to any X-Port-equipped fuselage and plug into the designated port. Then, with a simple command from the transmitter, pilots can perform a variety of fun and exciting maneuvers, alone or with a friend, depending upon which accessories are used.

There are four X-Port accessories that are offered for select HobbyZone and ParkZone planes. These include: the Night Flight Module, which is for advanced pilots to be able to illuminate their planes to fly on a calm evening; the Aerial Drop Module, which is for those who want the thrill of dropping streamer bombs or a parachutist; and the Sonic Combat Module, which is for use in combination with the Stealth Target while flying solo or for use with other Sonic Combat Module-equipped planes while flying with friends.

Night Flight Module (HBZ3510)

For use with:

In our fast-paced society, it becomes harder and harder to find the time to fly. Long hours at work and other time-demanding commitments prevent many modelers from enjoying as many flights as they would like to fly. Also, when time is available, the wind does not always cooperate. When the wind does calm down, many times it is either already dark or is close to dusk or dawn. Until the Night Flight Module was developed, this left many modelers very frustrated.

Now, the darkness does not mean pilots can’t fly. The Night Flight Module (NFM) can be added to the ParkZone Slo-V, and to the HobbyZone Firebird Commander 2 or Aerobird Challenger (with optional white wing and tail) to allow for flying at night. The NFM has 6 super-bright colored LEDs that illuminate the bottom of the wing and tail, allowing for the enjoyment of nighttime sorties. There are even 4 distinct light patterns from which to choose by selecting them via the transmitter. Because of the light wing loading and slow speeds of the ParkZone Slo-V, it is the perfect mate for the NFM, especially for those experienced pilots who have never flown at night. If left in the dark, modelers can attach the NFM to X-Port-equipped aircraft to let the fun continue!

Aerial Drop Module (HBZ6023)

For use with:

A fun and unique way to test your flying skills is to attach the Aerial Drop Module (ADM) to your HobbyZone or ParkZone X-Port-equipped aircraft. The ADM comes with a pair of streamer bombs, as well as a parachutist. Simply secure the payload with the magnet on the ADM. Once you have reached your destination, give input to the transmitter to release the bombs or parachutist. You can also challenge your friends to a contest to see how close they can come to dropping the steamer bombs to the target of your choice. Drop the parachutists and have a contest to see who is able to catch it. Use a stopwatch to see how long you can keep the parachute in the air after its release. There is no limit to the fun with the ADM!

Sonic Combat Module (HBZ4020)

For use with:

After pilots have gained more experience flying HobbyZone or ParkZone X-Port-equipped aircraft, they can take to the sky and challenge friends to exciting aerial combat. The Sonic Combat Module (SCM) attaches to the fuselage in seconds, transforming an airplane into an instant fighter. When the SCM is activated via input to the transmitter, a sonic blast is emitted. If in the correct position, pilots can record hits on each other’s planes. When hit, the high-pitched alarm sounds and throttle control is lost for approximately 5 seconds, while access to steering is maintained. This way, pilots can steer safely for a good landing or, if pilots think they have the skills, position their plane for a counter-attack.

Pilots can practice their air-to-air skills, even when flying solo with the Stealth Target (HBZ4025). The target includes a three-piece pole to stick into the ground. With this X-Port accessory, pilots can practice their combat skills by recording a hit on it. When the Stealth Target registers a kill from the SCM, a loud audible tone is emitted.

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