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Team Losi has long been established as a leader in the RC industry. Whether someone is looking for a 2WD or 4WD off-road buggy capable of winning the World's or the local club race, the precise control and unique design of the JRX-S, awesome RTR nitro or electric vehicles, Team Losi vehicles are at the top of anyone's wish list. In true Team Losi fashion, the LST (Losi Super Truck) caught everyone's attention when it debuted and with good reason. From its 4 oversized shocks, high/low 2-speed transmission, JR XS3 radio and more, the LST raised the bar in the Monster Truck world. It raised the bar so high in fact that no others could equal it, as evidenced by it being named the Radio Controlled Car Action 2005 Truck of the Year. With all of these features and awards, it doesn't seem like anyone could top the LST. If one manufacturer was going to build a truck to topple the LST, there's only one that could do it and do it right: Team Losi themselves. Without further delay Team Losi proudly introduces the LST2.

Introducing the LST2

Overhead of LST2:
Looking down on the LST2, you can see that the overall design hasn't changed from the LST to the LST2. That is a good thing, as the LST was noted for having exceptional handling characteristics.

If it ain't broke…
The original LST had many innovative features that were unequalled by any other truck on the market. It makes sense, therefore, that the LST2 isn't so much a new truck as it is a more refined truck. This means that the major features and benefits that drivers have become accustomed to seeing on the LST have been carried over to the LST2. Here are just a few of the updates that have been made to the RCCA 2005 Truck of the Year designed to carry that level of success into the future.

Updated Suspension:
Designers had to walk a fine line when it came time to update the suspension on the LST2. The original LST was renowned for its excellent handling characteristics over ruts and bumps, along with its awesome jumping stature as well. So the inspiration for improvement was to better address those who wanted to exceed the extreme with outrageous bashing and monster truck tricks. The designers didn't want to radically change the suspension and risk compromising those positives, but there was a desire to improve upon the previous design. For this reason, the LST2 features new reinforced upper and lower suspension arms, front spindles and castor blocks, along with new rear hub carriers. While the arms are all new, the suspension geometry remains basically unchanged. This means that the LST2 handles the same while being more durable. That sounds like a win-win situation.

New A-Arms:
There have been instances where the A-Arms on the LST have broken in extreme wrecks. With that knowledge, engineers have redesigned the A-Arms to still be light and functional while improving upon durability.

Drivetrain Improvements:
The suspension arms weren't the only items to receive updates to improve durability. All four driveshafts are much beefier. This increased diameter helps resist the twisting and torquing that can happen with any high powered nitro monster truck. The axles have also been beefed up and new 20mm wheel hexes added to withstand the pounding of this big wheeled monster. The axles ride on new heavy-duty oversized ball bearings for unsurpassed durability and smoothness. The Hi/Lo shifter assembly has been revised to make it easier for users to select and maintain the desired gear range.

Bigger Wheel Hexes (pictured left): A more powerful engine puts even greater stresses on all components. With that in mind, Team Losi designed new, larger 20mm drive hexes for the LST2.

(pictured right) Larger diameter bearings support all four axles. The larger size equates to better durability.

New Blue Aluminum Diff Case:
To reduce the flexing of the differential cases under load, the LST2 features aluminum differential cases front and rear.

New Differential Cases
Normally an expensive upgrade on most trucks, the LST2 comes standard with high-strength aluminum differential cases installed. Besides looking awesome, which they do, the strong aluminum cases hold everything in place and in proper alignment for unmatched durability and performance In addition to providing internal support for the gears and differential itself, the aluminum diff cases also add structural support to the chassis and suspension. Gearbox flex and twist is all but eliminated and helps make this nitro monster truck handle consistently. By utilizing an aluminum case, designers have also strengthened the suspension of the LST2 by eliminating some of the bulkhead flex. The cases have a blue finish to them, adding a custom look to the LST2.

Threaded shock body/Shock Comparison view:
The massive shocks on the LST2 feature threaded shock bodies. The threaded bodies allow users to adjust ride height precisely for a number of different conditions.

Shocking Improvements
Something most people noticed about the original LST when they got their first look at it was the 4-massive shocks on each corner of the suspension. The LST2's shocks are largely unchanged, and that's a good thing. New to the LST2 though are the threaded shock bodies and included pre-load adjustment collars. Whether you are a racer looking to lower the ride height and CG for optimal performance, a backyard basher who needs that extra ride height to clear urban obstacles, or the enthusiast that does both, the LST2 shocks make ride height changes a breeze. The adjustment collars utilize a captured O-ring to prevent the collars from moving while driving the LST2.

The LST2 features a second gear cover to keep dirt and deris from fouling the 2-speed gears.

Updated Transmission
When our customers talk, we listen. One item that consumers asked for us to update was the gear cover, as small rocks and debris could work past the single gear cover and foul the 2-speed gears. A new clear Lexan "inner cover" has been designed for use on the LST2 and keys into the standard front gear cover. This extra protection necessitated revised side rails which mount the new inner cover and make it easy to remove the outer cover while the inner unit stays on the chassis. When you combine the two, you get a user-friendly system that makes your transmission nearly impenetrable by dirt, debris, and small stones.

The clutch bell is also all-new for the LST2. Gone is the three-piece clutch bell assembly with aluminum pinions. In its place is a new one-piece steel clutch bell. This new design is less flexible but also less complicated than the original LST's three-piece clutch bell assembly. The new design is not only more durable and simpler, but lighter which will yield quicker acceleration and a higher top speed.

Monster trucks need monster power plants, and the LST2 has received an updated mill. The Mach 427 engine produces tons of stump-pulling power while still providing excellent top end. An all-new orange anodized cooling head helps keep temperatures in check.

More Power, Cap'n!
The LST broke ground in many different ways, and the Mach .26 engine was one of the strongest performing engines to ever find its way into a Monster Truck. Not being ones to rest on their laurels, Team Losi has upped the ante once again in the engine bay too. The new Mach 427 and revised tuned exhaust system provide the LST2 with the best of both worlds, awesome crawling and pulling torque while having an endless amount of awesome top speed. Speaking of top speed, how does over 40 miles an hour sound? The Mach 427 engine has an all new black crankcase, high-performance sleeve porting, slide carburetor, and an all-new oversized orange anodized heat sink head. Just like its predecessor, the Mach 427 comes equipped with Team Losi's handy hi-torque Spin-Start handheld starter.

New Shoes
All the power in the world doesn't help you if you can't get that power to the ground. The LST2 comes complete with 420-Series dish rims and new low-profile tires bolted to each axle. And don't forget the new 20mm anodized wheel hexes that are not only lightweight, but stronger than a conventional plastic drive hex.

LST2 with Radio:
Just like the original LST, JR radio equipment is provided to control the LST2. A JR XS3 transmitter, dual z590 steering servos, and z270 throttle and brake servos provide reliable and consistent performance.

Exceptional Accessories
The LST2 is the most complete nitro truck that Team Losi has ever produced. Once again, Team Losi has spec'ed a JR XS3 Synthesized radio, RS300 receiver, dual Z590 steering servos and Z270 throttle and shifting servos. Gone is the 4-cell dry cell receiver pack, upgraded with an 1100mAh rechargeable Ni-MH receiver pack and charger. Getting the LST2 started couldn't be easier, from the included Spin-Start system to the included C-sized glow driver. And topping off the LST2 is an all-new body. The extra thick 0.060" Lexan body has been designed just for the LST2, with all new graphics, paint and a race-oriented design.

Don't feel left behind
Team Losi hasn't forgotten about all those LST's currently tearing up backyards, empty lots, and race tracks around the country; it wouldn't make sense to leave those users behind. All of the most important revised and added parts on the LST2 will soon be available to current LST owners in an economical Performance Upgrade kit. The LOSB0014 Upgrade kit includes a full set of front and rear upper and lower A-arms, new front and rear axle carriers, CV driveshafts, diff cases, side rails and inner gear cover, 420 series wheels and aluminum hexes and more. It's as complete a performance update kit as you could ask for, and we've already done the hard work for you.

The LST is one of the most highly admired and desired vehicles of all time, and let's not forget it won the 2005 Radio Controlled Car Action Truck of the Year award. Team Losi listened and made the revisions and changes the diehard racer as well as the extreme basher wanted for one awesome monster truck. The LST2 is everything its predecessor is and more. We invite you to try the new Team Losi LST2-the new standard by which all other trucks will be judged.