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It seems like everyone has a video game system and spends hours upon hours indoors staring at a screen. While this can be fun, wouldn’t it be more fun to “live the video game?” Now you can, thanks to an exciting new brand of fun and exciting RC products available exclusively from Horizon Hobby: SPARC! With SPARC!’s exciting new blend of airplanes, helicopters, hovercraft, and motorcycles, you can now have a blast doing something you may have previously only done by looking at a 2D image on your TV. Whether you like airplanes, helicopters, motorcycles, or watercraft, there’s a SPARC! vehicle that would be perfect for you.

Free-Flight Planes

SPJ2000     P-51: Sky Club FF

SPJ2100     Corsair A-7: Sky Club FF

SPJ2200     Sky Cruiser: Sky Club FF

SPJ2300     USAF: Sky Club FF

From time to time, you’ve more than likely imagined yourself behind the controls of a fighter plane, lining up a bogey in your sights and scoring yet another kill. Or perhaps you’ve dreamt of soaring high above the ground, effortlessly floating among the clouds. Now you can enjoy this sort of excitement with any of four awesome-looking SPARC! free-flight planes. These planes are small enough to be able to be flown in a back yard or park yet deliver big-time fun. There are four different styles of planes available to fly, and each comes with everything you need in the box to get it flying. These planes include a sharp-looking display stand that doubles as the charger for the included battery. Simply connect the plane to the base to charge the battery, and you’ll be ready for a back yard throw-down in no time. You can have a blast with the SPARC! Free Flight planes, trying to see who can fly the furthest, stay up the longest, and more.


SPJ4000 HVR-062 Hovercraft RTR

One of the most popular activities as of late, in both full-sized cars and RC cars, has been drifting. With drifting, style is more important than speed and keeping a vehicle going smoothly around a corner is the biggest challenge. When done properly, it’s truly a cool sight to see these awesome vehicles power-sliding around corners and obstacles. Because they tend to be overpowered and have little grip, drift cars can be somewhat challenging to drive. This is exactly where the SPARC! HVR-062 Hovercraft comes in. The HVR-062 Hovercraft provides a car-like driving experience on a variety of surfaces and, thanks to its design, can be run indoors or out, on water or on land. The Hovercraft floats over the surface on a cushion of air with almost no friction. It is this method of movement that makes the HVR-062 Hovercraft the perfect drifting machine. The HVR-062 Hovercraft comes out of the box completely assembled for you. To get up and running, all you need to do is charge the included battery pack.

Suzuki Motorcycle

SPJ3000 Suzuki Bike RTR

RC cars and trucks are fairly common, but an RC motorcycle is something that is really different and especially unique. One key challenge of an RC motorcycle versus an RC car or truck can be getting the bike upright and keeping it there, all while making it easy enough for most people to operate. This is where the officially licensed SPARC! Suzuki really shines, as it has been designed to be easy enough to drive while looking good at the same time. To help keep the SPARC! Suzuki upright and straight, the rear tire has a small spinning gyro built into it. This gyroscopic effect adds stability and makes the SPARC! Suzuki easier to control than many other RC motorcycles out there. In addition to just running around on your driveway or a parking lot, the SPARC! Suzuki is a true representation of a Suzuki motocross bike. From its studded front and rear tires to its functional front fork and rear swing arm suspensions, the SPARC! Suzuki can be driven on dirt, on low-cut grass and more. It’s truly a multi-surface vehicle. Additionally, motocross bikes don’t drive themselves. To further push the envelope and make the Suzuki look even more realistic, a highly detailed rider figure is included. The rider features an authentic cloth rider’s uniform, detailed removable helmet, and moveable joints. If you’d like to see your rider pull a Nac-Nac, Superman, or other maneuvers, you can re-create these sick-looking tricks and more with the SPARC! Suzuki.


SPJ1000 Hoverflash RTF Electric Heli

SPJ1100 Aerolite RTF Electric Heli

RC helicopters are by far some of the most fun, challenging, and popular kinds of vehicles to hit the scene in some time. One of the challenges with RC helicopters is that you needed to be an experienced RC pilot to even think about flying one—that is, until now. Both SPARC! Aerolite and Hoverflash helicopters are designed for those with absolutely zero previous RC experience. Their durable and crash-resistant design makes it easier to learn to fly without having to worry about destroying your model. And in the event that you do crash and damage a blade, you will be able to pick up a set of replacement blades from your favorite hobby dealer.

Each helicopter comes equipped with an advanced Lithium Polymer battery pack and charging system. These battery packs make it possible for you fly for extra-long periods of time without needing to be run down all the way before you charge the battery again. In addition to the advanced battery pack, the controls of both the Micro and Mini Helicopters are pretty advanced too. Both helicopters have what’s called digitally proportional controls. How this setup works is exactly like an analog stick on a game controller. If you move the right stick to the left or right slightly, the nose of the helicopter turns slowly. If you move it further, it turns faster. This type of control makes the Aerolite and Hoverflash helicopters fun to fly and advanced enough to maintain your interest for a long time.

Flying either the Aerolite or Hoverflash helicopters is both fun and exciting. Both helicopters can be flown indoors in large rooms with 10-foot tall or taller ceilings or outside with very little wind. Controlling both helicopters is made easier and more precise thanks to the included 3-channel radio systems. With this control system, you can make the Aerolite or Hoverflash climb or descend, turn the nose left or right, and make the helicopter fly forward. With these precise controls, the fun and enjoyment of both helicopters goes on and on.

The SPARC! series of vehicles provides a tremendously fun experience. From the great-looking free-flight planes to the Hovercraft, the Helicopters, and the Suzuki motorcycle, there’s truly something here for everyone. So turn off the TV and the video game and head for some real fun with a SPARC! model of your very own.