Project: The Ultimate LST2 Race Truck

8/6/2007 by Gary Katzer

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Shot of a annodized aluminum shock

The red anodized Losi shocks feature smooth cylinder walls, threaded caps, and pre-load adjuster clips. I filled all four shocks with 30Wt Losi shock oil.

The LST2’s suspension can be tuned to perform well on any surface. The massive shocks provide exceptional dampening and operate smoothly. You can further trick out your suspension with some killer parts. The stock Mega Shocks provide the truck with a super-plush ride over a variety of terrains. The threaded shock bodies offer unlimited tuning options in terms of ride height adjustment, but I actually swapped out the stock shocks for different units. I replaced the stock shocks with Losi’s red-anodized shock caps and bodies.

Once the shocks were done, I checked out the stock springs. They’re pretty firm which is ideal for backyard bashing, but they’re definitely too stiff for racing purposes.

With the new shocks, springs, and swaybars installed on the truck I dare anything to get in its way.

I opted for a set of softer 4.0-rate white springs on all four corners of the truck. The softer springs should help the truck absorb ruts and bumps better without getting tossed around on-track. I also knew that going to a softer spring would cause the chassis to roll more in corners. The obvious solution was to add a set of anti-roll bars on each end of the truck. I installed the second stiffest bar up front and went one step softer in the rear.