Voltage Reading Made Easy

12/5/2007 by Jim Booker

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Dynamite Sentry

With the advent of new monster trucks, big airplanes, and large boats all using numerous high-torque digital servos we are asking more from receiver batteries than ever before. It is only natural that we would want to be confident they are ready for the task. Dynamite has introduced a very interesting meter that I have added to my field box. Sure it was designed with nitro powered vehicles like monster trucks and boats in mind, but I’m finding it’s a great tool for reading the receiver battery condition in my planes before every flight.

An Easy Read

The Sentry will display your battery condition in two ways--voltage under load and capacity--in the form of an easy to read bar graph. It’s compatible with Li-Po, Ni-MH and Ni-Cd packs. Large or small capacity receiver packs are no problem, The Sentry can handle voltages of up to 20 volts which covers all of them. Just plug it in, select your battery configuration (type and cell count) and push start. The meter has reverse polarity protection in case you accidentally plug it in backwards.

The Sentry supports many different battery configurations

My Wake Up Call

I recently had a failsafe situation (didn’t crash, thankfully) in a model with a number of high output digital servos. This started me looking at the need to monitor the onboard battery. It wasn’t until the Sentry came along that I began to feel like I really got it under control.

Other battery monitors had been more difficult to use or didn’t really fit in the field box. This one goes everywhere and has helped me understand a lot more about each of my models and how they use battery power during flying sessions. Believe me, once you start using a Sentry you’ll feel a lot more confident.