ParkZone Cessna Centurion, A Little Idea

1/9/2008 by Jim Booker

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Introducing the ParkZone Cessna Centurion.

Radio control airplanes have seen a number of significant changes during the last few years. For the most part it seems airplanes have been getting bigger, even huge. And "big" usually means expensive. But ParkZone has an introduction that goes the other way. The Cessna Centurion is about as small as an RC airplane can get. But it flies way better than any micro model you have seen. In fact, you have to fly it to believe it.

Shot of battery installation.

Ok, so what is a HobbyZone micro Cessna 210 Centurion RTF? This RC airplane has a whopping 15-inch wingspan. It includes a 2.4GHz fully proportional radio with motor, speed control and tiny servos on the rudder and elevator control surfaces. The model uses a very small LiPo battery to power the radio and motor. Ready-to-fly weight for this aircraft is a mere 18 grams. That's just a bit more than ½ ounce. And it looks very much like the full-size Cessna Centurion.

Shot of the Cessna out of the box.
When you open the box you find a true, ready to fly micro model completely assembled inside. The battery charger/display stand accepts the included AA batteries used to charge the LiPo flight battery. Four more AA batteries are included for the attractive two-stick radio control transmitter. There is nothing more to buy. However, it is so much fun you are probably going to want to get a couple extra flight batteries so you don’t have to wait between flights.

Shot of Cessna in flightThe first flight proved this model had plenty of power for normal flight maneuvers. The "huge" 3-inch propeller is driven by a gear reduction drive from one of the tiniest inrunner motors you will ever see. With this power system the model is easily capable of some mild aerobatics such as loops and stall turns.

Realistically, this is an indoor model but it can be flown outdoors on very calm evenings. School gymnasiums are excellent sites to meet with a couple of friends and fly these micro models. Whenever there are two or more Cessnas in the same room, the fun immediately becomes formation flying or spot landing or limbo or some other simple game.

Three Cessnas Really, airplane modelers love airplanes of every size and configuration. Small ones, big ones—if they fly, RC modelers want to fly them. The Cessna doesn’t take your time away from building more complicated projects. It is sort of ‘fast food” that is ready anytime you feel the need to fly or show a friend what it is all about. It becomes hard to stop flying with this model, and everyone wants a chance to grab the transmitter. Sometimes you might have to go fly by yourself just to enjoy the fun you have with a model like this. This is another one that truly brings the fun of RC to pilots everywhere.

Jim Booker

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