Setting Up Your Sukhoi Right

2/14/2008 by Mike McConville

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If you’re into high-performance aerobatics, the JR X9303 2.4 DSM2 system is the only way to fly. In addition to all of the benefits of spread spectrum, such as no worries about frequency pins or radio interference, the X9303 2.4 system, coupled with the JR R921 (included with the X9303), Spektrum AR9000 or AR9100 receiver, also gives you true 2048 resolution and a system response rate faster than we’ve seen before. This is much more than just hype—it’s a true performance advantage that can be felt in the air. The X9303 gives a feel of connectedness to the model that was never possible until now. 100% of my models are now equipped with JR or Spektrum 2.4GHz DSM systems, and I wouldn’t even consider flying anything else.

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