Outfit a Texan With All the Trimmings

2/14/2008 by John Redman E-flite Senior Product Developer

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Definitely add the E-flite retracts. They provide an extreme cool factor, and the model is set up for them from the start. Now that rocks. These retracts were designed specifically for the AT-6 by the folks at Robart. They feature stiff strut wires that help improve the ground handling in crosswinds. And, of course, they look great going up into the wheel wells as you cross the departure end of the runway after takeoff.


Go for the Cockpit Kit. It’s really easy to install, and, like the retracts, the model is already set up for it. You’ve already got the pilot, so you might as well give him some gauges to look at, while he makes that air show pass down the centerline of the runway. Add an extra pilot. It too is an easy addon, and having two pilots on board, along with seat backs and rollover structure, really seems to finish off the model. Add a few touches of model paint for the correct colors, and you definitely will be the talk of the field. The plane will look like something a true modeler would love to have in his stable.


While the tires that come with the kit work fine, I love the scale look of the Robart 2½-inch wheels. They include a scale hubcap that really brings the Texan to life when it’s sitting on the flight line or when you make that nice banking pass in front of everyone at show center.


If I lived in a high altitude location, say 3500 feet or more above sea level, I would opt for the Power 32 brushless outrunner motor, APC 13 x 6.5E propeller and a Thunder Power 4S Li-Po battery for a little extra punch on the hot days. Sure, the Power 25 setup that is listed on the box is more than adequate, but there are always those guys who might want to go a bit bigger. Plus, whether you flew at high elevations or not, you could use the extra power to recreate a Reno race of your own with a few buddies at the local field.