Review: Pro Boat Models Formula Fastech Brushless

7/16/2008 by Gary Katzer

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Formula Boats has long been recognized as the measuring stick in recreational boating for discerning consumers everywhere. Performance comes at a cost and, while many may desire a Formula boat of their own it may stress their budget restraints. The Pro Boat Formula FASTech Brushless makes it possible for anyone to get that Formula Boat experience without having to take out a second mortgage. Now lets take a closer look.

The Pro Boat Formula FASTech Brushless is a gorgeous and accurate recreation of a full-size Formula FASTech, even down to the trademark 3-tone paint scheme and logos. The cockpit of the Formula FASTech features a detailed dashboard, steering wheel, windshield and more. The fiberglass composite hull features strakes for improved turning and stability.

The Formula FASTech Brushless features stainless steel running gear that provides ample tuning options for a wide variety of water conditions and driving preferences. Dual stainless steel skid fins provide positive stability and prevent spinning out at speed. Dual trim tabs can be angled up or down to bring more or less of the bow out of the water at speed. Finally, the fixed offset rudder configuration provides the turning and holding power needed to control a boat this fast. The on-board electronics are very interesting as well. Making its debut on the FASTech is an all-new, low-drag water cooling system. An all-new low-drag water cooling system debuts on the Formula FASTech. The water cooling system helps to keep things running cooler to enhance performance and extend the life of your motor. The water pickup has been incorporated into the leading edge of the rudder. This design reduces the overall drag and improves both top speed and acceleration. And everyone knows that water and electronics don’t mix. To prevent damage from the elements all of the on-board electronics are conformal coated. This conformal coating improves water resistance, and when combined with the sealed electronics housing, should help keep your electronics nice and dry.

One of the best features of the Formula FASTech is the overall lack of prep time needed to get on the water. As with all Pro Boat models the Formula FASTech Brushless is a completely ready-to-run (RTR) boat straight from the box. This means that all of the on-board electronics,including brushless motor and drive system, has been preinstalled for you. The Formula FASTech Brushless uses dual 6-cell battery packs that you’ll need to purchase separately. We recommend, Pro Boat’s IB3600 (PRB3313) or IB4200 (PRB3314) battery packs. Besides the price, the main difference between these two packs is the amount of run time each of these packs provide. We also recommend Dynamite’s Twin Peak charger (also sold separately), which will conveniently charge both battery packs at the same time. Plus, it’s AC/DC making it possible to charge your packs at home or from any 12V battery. You’ll also need to pick up two PRB3312 Charge Adaptors to accommodate the different connectors on the charger and battery packs.

7.2V 3600mAh Battery w/ Deans Connector PRB3313 7.2V 4200mAh Battery w/ Deans Connector PRB3314 Tamiya / Deans Charge adapter PRB3312

A boat such as the Pro Boat Formula
FASTech is designed with one thing in mind, and that’s hauling the mail across the top of the water as fast as possible. When you combine the Formula FASTech’s brushless motor system with a dual-battery pack configuration, you have the recipe for some big fun. The brushless power system in the Formula FASTech provides excellent get-up-and-go power to get out of the hole while still reaching incredible top-speeds. The built-in adjustability of the trim tabs and adjustable prop-shaft angle makes it possible to unlock the boat’s true handling potential. The strakes and skid fins work perfectly together to provide positive stability. Finally the cleverly designed water intake helps keep the motor cool under pressure.

The Pro Boat Formula FASTech Brushless is an absolute blast on the water that provides many hours of excitement. From its brushless motor system, trim tabs, skid fins and more, the Formula FASTech Brushless combines both handling and speed into a single attractive package. The Formula FASTech Brushless looks phenomenal too, thanks to the accurate recreation of the full-size FASTech’s graphics and paint scheme. If you’re looking for a boat that looks great and has the performance to match, give the Pro Boat Formula FASTech Brushless a look. We’re glad we did!