The JR Data Transfer Program Makes Model Setup Easy

8/29/2008 by Jim Booker

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Let’s just start out by saying that the JR Data Transfer program brings an all-new meaning to model transfer. By connecting your JR 9303 (any of them) or PCM10X transmitter to a PC using the supplied USB device, you can upload, download, save, change or set up a completely new model in the PC. Sharing files with friends around the world becomes a simple email attachment.

The Data Transfer program allows the user to view and modify every feature offered in their transmitter on a PC screen and makes setting up a new model so easy that you might have to call a friend with all the excitement it creates. First of all it is fun to use, but then you find how practical it is. Saving model memory files to your PC basically means you are never limited to any number of model memories.

Follow our video presentation to experience the ease of setting up a dual aileron, dual elevator model. The download to the transmitter only takes a few seconds. Doing the transmitter setup does not require the transmitter to be connected to the PC. When complete, just do the download into the transmitter model memory you select. You may still have to re-set some sub trims and servo reversing switches for your particular airplane.

I have attached some JR Data Transfer files for the 9303 and PCM10X transmitters, giving you some basic setups. Don’t forget to perform a Tx/Rx “bind” after you have completed the setup in your model. This will establish the correct Fail-Safe settings.

Default file 9303
Dual Ail/Dual Elevator 9303
Crow 9303 (Dual Ail, Dual Elevator, Dual Flap)
Dual Ail/Dual Elevator PCM10X

Download one of the above files and save to a JR data transfer folder. You can then open the file in your JR data transfer program.

Yes, this program does work with Vista operating systems. It will be necessary to perform a couple of simple steps before installing the program, otherwise it doesn’t install automatically. Basically, we need to turn off the UAC
(User Account Control).

1. Go to Start
2. Select Control Panel
3. Select User Accounts (Classic View)
4. Turn User Account Control on or off and uncheck the UAC box.
5. Reboot (automatic)

The new JR program is a night-and-day improvement over the previous offering. I heartily recommend you use it with the mentioned transmitters. You might be amazed at how good you are at programming your transmitters when the whole program is laid out in front of you.

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