Review: ParkZone's F4U Corsair RTF/PNP

9/17/2008 by Jim Booker

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  • Wingspan: 44in (1118mm)
  • Overall Length: 35in (889mm)
  • Flying Weight: 30oz
    (850 g)
  • Motor Size: 480-size 960Kv brushless
  • Servos: Installed
  • Speed Control : 30A
  • Recommended Battery:
    3S 11.1V 1800mAh Li-Po
Parzone's F4U Corsair RTF

The recent product announcement from ParkZone of a new F4U Corsair has created a huge amount of interest from avid RC pilots waiting to get a chance to fly one of everyone’s favorite warbirds.  The RTF Corsair comes equipped with a 480 brushless motor, a Li-Po battery with the necessary Li-Po 12-volt charger, 30-amp speed control and DX5e 2.4GHz DSM2™ radio. Above all, it is the "Bent Wing Bird."

Some previous F4U Corsairs have been available but were difficult to build due to the distinctive wing shape.  This made it a "wish I could build one" model for many people who may not have had the time necessary to build a complicated project.  Well, this one totally solves that problem.  Out of the box it can be completed and ready to fly in just a few minutes - it is truly a ready-to-fly.  The Plug-N-Play® version is just as quick to finish and only requires that the builders install their own receiver.

Flying the Corsair is one of those things you just have to experience to understand how much fun it is to see this WWII fighter cruise by on a low pass at the field with all the other folks giving their approvals.  Take a look at our review video and get some interesting detail information and see some people flying the Corsair. Then go get your own.  This is one plane a lot of people are going to be bringing to the local flying site. Be it at a park or club field, the fun starts with the first takeoff.

Eric Johnson and ParkZone are on top of what RC park fliers are looking for and this plane is going to be a lot of fun. Watch for it to ship in the very near future - I believe the sky is going to be covered with these bent-wing birds.