Holiday Gift Guide 2008: Guaranteed Success

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Holiday Gift Guide:  Guaranteed Success

Ties. Golf shirts. Car wax. What do these things all have in common? They are things that you should never give an RC hobbyist as a gift. However, we have all done it at one time or another. Never fear, here’s help. has polled our experts to gather some of their favorite products that just happen to make excellent gift ideas. These are all items that, regardless of the recipient’s experience level, should guarantee success when received. Whether the person on your list loves airplanes, cars, trucks or boats, these ideas will provide positive fun, regardless of the level of expertise achieved. Check out the items below to see what the hobbyist on your list really wants this holiday season.

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Perfect for the beginner-to-experienced pilot, the Super Cub from HobbyZone has been an excellent performer since its initial release. What really sets the Super Cub apart from other trainers or teach-yourself-to-fly airplanes is that it looks like the full-size Cub. The HobbyZone Super Cub is an all-in-the-box purchase, as everything someone needs to get up and in the air is included in the box; you don’t even need to buy the batteries!

Performance-wise, the Super Cub absolutely nails it on many different levels. For beginners, the Super Cub is easy to taxi, take-off, fly, and land. It’s in-air characteristics are nothing short of exceptional as it is stable enough to instill confidence while maneuverable enough to keep things fun. The Super Cub even features Anti-Crash Technology (ACT) to aid beginner pilots as they learn the ropes of model flight.

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There are times when the urge to fly can be overpowering, however, the conditions outside may not be optimum. With the ParkZone Vapor it is possible to fly anytime you’d like in the comfort of your own living room. This lightweight plane features a sub-15-inch wingspan that makes it maneuverable-yet-forgiving to fly. Power is provided via an advanced LiPo battery pack which delivers extended flight times.

From start to finish, the Vapor is a breeze for anyone to get flying. From the batteries to the charger and electronics, everything is conveniently included for you right in the box. Setup time is kept to a bare minimum thanks to the clever design and construction of the Vapor. When you combine the ease of setup, use and flight of the Vapor, you have a plane that’s perfect for just about anyone.

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No one will deny that helicopters are very fun indeed, and the E-flite Blade mCX is the perfect way to get into RC heli flight. The Blade mCX features a fully detailed yellow canopy and includes all the gear needed to get flying from the electronics to the battery pack and charger—everything is right there in the box. The Blade mCX also includes a handy how-to video CD that demonstrates the capabilities of this great little heli.

There are two different ways to get up and flying with the Blade mCX. The RTF, or ready-to-fly, version includes everything you will need. From the battery pack and charger to the transmitter everything is there for you. For those who may already own a DSM2-based radio system you can save a few dollars by going with the BND, or Bind-N-Fly, version. The BNF version is identical to the RTF version, minus the transmitter.

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Losi’s Mini-Rock Crawler utilizes design elements from real-world rock crawling competitors. A multi-link suspension and solid 4mm axles provide the ultimate combination of lightweight agility and strength. The full-time 4WD drivetrain powers all four wheels through a center-mounted 3-gear transmission with a spool and slipper, providing grip and torque at each and every wheel. Heavy-duty metal ring and pinion gears, solid axles and axle shafts combined with a full set of ball bearings provide the Mini-Rock Crawler with durability for extreme, precision climbs.

On top of the outstanding handling elements, Losi has loaded the Mini-Rock Crawler with the electronics you need for serious control and torque. An LSR3000 radio system with genuine Spektrum 2.4GHz DSM technology provides crystal-free, no-interference control and a lightweight transmitter design. Power comes from a high-torque Losi electric motor, controlled by a Crawler-tuned forward and reverse electronic speed control that keeps the Mini-Rock Crawler smooth and stable on the most uneven terrain. An extra amount of drag brake was added to hold the vehicle in the steepest of grades. The Crawler also features a high-torque rock-crawling-specific servo packed with power.

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With the popularity of full-size dirt racing on the rise, Losi brings that experience to you in 1/10 scale. The Slider looks like an exact replica of the same cars that tear up the local dirt tracks on weekend nights. To match the excellent lines of the body, the Slider features molded headers and roll cage, multi-piece Lexan bodies, Lexan wheel covers and realistically treaded tires.

Based on a scaled-up version of the Mini-Slider, the 1/10-scale Slider has a few new tricks under the hood. A powerful 32K Losi motor has enough grunt to keep you smiling for miles. Control is provided by a Losi 2.4GHz radio system that utilizes Spektrum’s patent pending DSM technology for glitch-free operation.

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Don’t let their sizes fool you. The 1/36-scale trucks from Losi have the performance that far exceeds their diminutive size. Each of these trucks shares a similar design and features, but the Micro-Desert Truck utilizes a slightly stretched chassis that provides a slightly more sure-footed driving experience. All three trucks include a battery pack to get you running quickly, along with one of the coolest battery chargers out there. Powered by AA batteries, you can quickly recharge the main battery pack anywhere in about twenty minutes.

Perhaps one of the most appealing aspects of these trucks is how much you can trick them out. From aluminum suspension and chassis components to brushless motor systems and even LiPo battery packs there are a ton of options out there for customizing your truck and truly making it your own.

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With the incredible styling and high-performance handling known to Pro Boat, the Blackjack 26 Brushless is the perfect boat if you want extreme speed but don't want to hassle with nitro. The Blackjack 26 Brushless EP RTR makes getting into high-performance RC boating easy, thanks to it being a ready-to-run. The Blackjack 26 includes a programmable ESC for fast, reliable and convenient performance. The steerable drive system increases the superior handling and low maintenance of the Blackjack 26 Brushless EP RTR.

The Blackjack 26 Brushless Catamaran RTR comes with a Pro Boat pistol-grip AM radio preinstalled for you. The hull is a high-quality, painted fiberglass design which adds to the great looks, reliability and high performance. Stainless-steel running hardware is used throughout the Blackjack to resist rust and corrosion. The catamaran hull can handle a variety of different water conditions, from glass smooth to a reasonable amount of chop.

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The perfect choice for deep-V or catamaran lovers, Pro Boat offers both as fast, sleek minis for electric boat lovers. The Mini-C features an exciting catamaran hull and a quick-accelerating 380-size motor, plus a radio and speed control are also included with this ready-to-run. The Mini-C also includes the battery and charger so all you need to add are AA batteries for the transmitter, and you are ready to hit the water. The Mini-V is equally equipped, but utilizes a deep-V hull design in lieu of the Mini-C’s catamaran design.

The Mini-V and Mini-C are just as at home in a small lake or pond as in a large swimming pool. The speed and performance vastly exceed the size of these particular mini-boats. Their smaller size makes them easy enough for beginners to drive yet challenging enough for the experienced driver. Regardless of experience level, the Mini-V and Mini-C will both bring endless enjoyment to just about anyone.