Preview: E-flite BAe Hawk 15 DF ARF

11/24/2008 by Jim Booker

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We talked with David Payne to preview E-flite’s BAe Hawk 15 DF ARF. It is a sport scale version of the British jet trainer. Beautifully constructed of fiberglass with a built up balsa wing and the fuselage is prefinished with a number of scale details. The entire trim scheme is pre-painted, pre-trimmed, the wings are covered in UltraCote and all the decals have already been applied.  This Hawk boasts the rare and very visible Central Flying School air show trim scheme from 1987 in red, white and blue.

The E-flite model was designed around E-flite’s Delta V 15 (69mm) electric ducted fan unit and matched 15 DF brushless motor. The built-in fan mounts make installing the fan easy—just drop in the fan unit and tighten four screws.  Created for the advanced sport scale pilot, the BAe Hawk 15 DF ARF easily lives up to its reputation of being a stable flying jet.

When you see this model in the air you almost have to take a deep breath, it just looks so realistic.


EFL8025 E-flite BAe Hawk 15 DF ARF
EFLDF15 Delta-V 15 69mm EDF
EFLA1060 60-Amp Pro Switch-Mode BEC Brushless ESC