Holiday Gift Guide 2008: Top Helis

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Holiday Gift Guide:  Top Helis

When it comes to selecting a gift for an RC enthusiast there are some helicopters that are perfect. Helicopters are a huge amount of fun and there are models for any skill category. A helicopter will present a challenge to every modeler who wants to have fun flying RC models. We will help with the dilemma of “so many models, how do I choose?” Our expert staff at is on the job and has outlined the perfect choices for your favorite person. Take a close look at our heli selection below. You can feel confident that you have made an excellent choice and one the hobbyist on your list will be excited to receive this holiday season.

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At the top of every gift list this year is going to be the new Blade mCX helicopter. It is an ultra micro-sized 7.5” rotor span version of the E-flite Blade CX/CX2. First-time pilots will have no problem learning how to fly and experienced heli pilots will be able to fly anytime, anywhere indoors. With a rotor span of just 7.5 inches and one-ounce flying weight the mCX has amazing flight capabilities. This micro heli offers one of the biggest surprises anyone could get in a Christmas gift. Everything is in the package with the RTF and the new BNF version only requires the pilot to supply a DSM2 transmitter, every thing else is in the box. If you want to learn to fly helis this one gives you a lot of tries without breaking parts, it is durable. It is also very affordable.

EFLH2200 Blade mCX micro helicopter RTF DSM2

EFLH2280 Blade mCX micro helicopter BNF DSM2

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The Millennium NTU is completely ready-to-fly and offers many exciting features for beginning helicopter pilots. A superior 2.4GHz radio eliminates interference and allows multiple NTUs to be flown at the same time. A functioning tail rotor smoothly controls steering direction while digital trims make for precise flight trim adjustments. The NTU helicopter is powered by a single-cell Li-Po battery pack with a charger built into the transmitter providing extended flight times and making charging a snap. Additionally, the durable foam body is very hard to damage but easy to repair if you do.

Overall the Millennium NTU offers a very inexpensive model with surprising technology and performance. Wherever breaking news is happening you can count on the News Team Unit to take you there.

HBZ9100 Millennium NTU RTF

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This is the one that started it all. Whenever people talk about getting started with an RC helicopter or having fun with a heli they are talking about the CX or CX2. The Blade® CX series offers excitement and beginner-friendly flying stability that lets you fly just about anywhere, anytime. Topping it all off is an aggressive body design that looks fantastic in flight and is unlike anything else out there. And beyond the original body you can hop up your CX with a number of body kits available from E-flite. It presents the opportunity to have more fun than just about anything in RC while gaining skills needed for the high performance helicopters to follow.

EFLH1250 Blade CX2 RTF Electric Coaxial Micro Helicopter

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Helicopters have been presenting huge opportunities to expand RC pilot’s skills. E-flite’s Blade 400 is a true full performance aerobatic helicopter. It has the capability to perform all of the hot-rod 3D aerobatics but still be a relatively easy helicopter to fly. It is designed to give intermediate thru advanced heli pilots a ready-to-fly experience like no other. The Blade 400 ready-to-fly version includes a 3S 11.1 volt Li-Po battery and charger. The model is 100% factory built and flight tested which means the pilot is going to be flying right away. You also get the benefit of the included DX6i radio’s advanced DSM2 protocol.

EFLH1400 Blade 400 3D RTF Electric Mini Helicopter

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Align’s T-Rex 450 helicopters have been the leader that helicopter enthusiasts want in their hangar. The exclusive to Horizon T-REX 450SA model brings all of the most important features into a 95% assembled helicopter needing only a radio and Li-Po battery to complete. Using a combination of lightweight aluminum and updated composite parts, Align has designed and equipped the T-REX 450SA to be capable of the most extreme 3D maneuvers right out of the box. A special ARF combo package includes the motor and speed control as part of the package so it will be flying in just a few hours. Every RC heli pilot knows about the T-REX.

AGNH1100C T-REX 450SA ARF Combo w/430L 3550 Motor and 35G ESC

E-Flite Blade mCX E-Flite Blade mCX
E-flite Blade CP Pro 2 HobbyZone Millennium NTU RTF HBZ9100
E-flite Blade CX2 E-flite Blade CX2
E-Flite Blade 400 E-Flite Blade 400
Align T-Rex 450SA Align T-Rex 450SA