Holiday Gift Guide 2008: Top Boats

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Holiday Gift Guide:  Top Boats

Model boats have been a top gift idea for a long time. After all they look great, offer a nostalgic feeling and encourage people to have more fun out on the water. Pro Boat has long prided itself at offering RC boats that look great, perform even better yet are complete ready-to-runs. The boats we have listed here are all excellent performers right out of the box and are sure to make anyone's day, even after they've thrown the wrapping paper away.

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The Pro Boat PT-109 EP RTR features an authentically detailed hull and installed lighting kit that will satisfy warship enthusiasts. The PT-109 also includes a stylish display stand for you to proudly display your personal piece of history. The PT-109 offers high-performance features known to the Pro Boat line. A sealed, electronic speed control with reverse is durable and preprogrammed, plus a dual motor and battery operation mean longer run times. And as always, the installed Pro Boat 27MHz AM 2-stick radio adds reliable control.

PRB3600         PT-109


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The Formula FASTech is one of the most eye-catching performance boats on the water, and Pro Boat's scale replica is no different. Powered by a potent brushless electric motor and electronic speed control, the FASTech quickly reaches speeds of 30+ mph. The offset rudder and adjustable propeller strut allow precise handling in a variety of water conditions, and the magnetic hatch allows quick access to electrical components when you need it. Add the authentic "Lunar Reactor" trim scheme from Formula, and it's easy to see that there's absolutely nothing else like it on the water!

PRB3750         Formula FASTech

Formula, FASTech and Lunar Reactor trim scheme are trademarks of Formula/Thunderbird Products. Used under license by Horizon Hobby, Inc.


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With speeds normally reserved for nitro boats and the simplicity of brushless electric power, the Miss Elam Brushless RTR’s powerful brushless electric motor propels it to speeds that rival the record-holding full-size boat. The authentic hydro hull is handcrafted from fiberglass and features a magnetic hatch which allows quick and easy access to the electronics while protecting them from the elements. Completely ready-to-run with water-cooled brushless motor, programmable electronic speed control and radio system installed, the Miss Elam Brushless is an incredibly detailed and realistic boat that takes radio control excitement to the next level.

1/12-scale Brushless Elam


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The Pro Boat Blackjack 55 is a professionally built, ready-to-run catamaran fiberglass composite model. Powered by the potent Zenoah G26M engine, you will be able to race across the water at speeds in excess of 35 mph. The Blackjack 55 features a clutch and water pump that allow the Blackjack 55 to idle safely without overheating. Control is provided by a JR XR3i radio system for the ultimate in control and reliability.

PRB2850         BlackJack 55 RTR


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The Pro Boat Formula 1/8-Scale Gas Unlimited Hydroplane is nothing short of the ultimate in big-scale, ready-to-run RC boating experience. The sleek, 4-foot long fiberglass hull is completely assembled and factory-painted in authentic Formula Boats colors with everything installed. Its potent, water-cooled Zenoah G26M marine engine is equipped with a high-performance tuned exhaust system that will have you screaming across the water at speeds in excess of 35 mph. JR’s XR3i programmable FM radio system is included for smooth, precise control.

1/8-Scale Formula Hydro


Pro Boat PT-109 Pro Boat PT-109
Pro Boat Formula FASTech Pro Boat Formula FASTech
Pro Boat Brushless Miss Elam Pro Boat Brushless Miss Elam
Pro Boat Blackjack 55 Pro Boat Blackjack 55
Pro Boat 1/8-Scale Formula Hydro Pro Boat 1/8-Scale Formula Hydro