How-To: Hop-up your Losi HIGHroller

1/1/2009 by Gary Katzer

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The HIGHroller Lifted truck from Losi brings a number of fun and innovative things to the table. From its increased ground clearance, a powerful motor and great curbside appeal. One of the neatest features of the HIGHroller is that, like its full-sized counterpart, the HIGHroller can be customized and tricked out to truly personalize it and make your truck your own. We’ve gotten a chance to spend some time with the HIGHroller and raid the parts bins to see what really makes a difference in performance and style.

Losi Performance Battery

Losi Performance Battery LOSB9900Getting the HIGHroller up and running requires that you add a 6-cell battery pack, and the Losi Performance Battery is just the pack for the job. Featuring high-capacity 3600mAh cells, the Performance battery provides plug-in convenience to get you up and running faster. This pack provides extended run times and performance, lengthening your time behind the wheel.

LED Light Kit

Losi LED Light Kit LOSB9997
Add that extra sense of realism to your truck with this all-in-one light kit. This LED kit includes a set of front headlights and rear taillights along with the distribution block needed to power the lights. The distribution block plugs directly into your receiver, completely eliminating the need for an external voltage source. Installation of the light kit in the body itself only takes a few minutes. Once completed the light kit truly helps accent your truck and set it apart from the pack.

Chrome Ladder Bars

Chrome Ladder Bars LOSB2284C
Nothing sets a truck apart like chromed parts, and the chrome ladder bars for the HIGHroller are no exception. These are direct replacements for the stock units and add an extra sense of flair. This six-piece kit replaces the front and rear skid plates, main chassis brace and ESC mounting bracket. This is an easy and convenient way to add style points to your truck.

Clear HIGHroller Body

Clear HIGHroller Body LOSB8008
The best way to differentiate your truck from every other HIGHroller is to paint up a custom body. The clear HIGHroller body has the same shape and lines as the stock body but allows you to let your creative side flourish. This body includes a full decal sheet as well to aid you in your creative endeavors.

Black Chrome Front and Rear Wheels and Tires

Black Chrome Front and Rear Wheels and Tires LOSB7442 (Front); LOSB7452 (Rear)
Shiny chrome looks great but these black chromed wheels and tires for the HIGHroller provide that something different you might be looking for. The tires come pre-glued to the wheels, making installation a snap. The tire tread pattern is the same as the kit tires, ensuring the same level of bite and traction as the stock setup.