How-To: Hop-up Your Losi LST XXL

1/6/2009 by Gary Katzer

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The Losi LST XXL has a long heritage to build upon and it does so very well. With its massive 454 engine, extended wheelbase and Spektrum DX3S radio, it's well equipped right from the box. As with anything though there's room for those who love to tinker and add their own personal touches to this truck. We've polled the experts to see what they would add to their own trucks. Look below for some big truck inspiration.

Front and Rear Swaybars

Front and Rear Swaybars LOSB2221Out of the box the LST XXL is capable of reaching speeds approaching 50 mph. A truck this big and massive has a lot of inertia behind it which could cause handling challenges at high speeds. Reducing the amount of chassis roll will help the LST XXL feel more planted and sure-footed on a wide variety of surfaces. The Swaybar kit includes all the hardware you'll need to install the bars on your truck. The kit also includes four bars of varying thickness to help get you further dialed in.

Aluminum Threaded Body Shocks

Aluminum Threaded Body Shocks LOSB2814 The stock Mega Shocks provide the LST XXL with a supple and plush suspension, but performance can be turned up a bit with these Aluminum Threaded Body Shocks. This set of four shock bodies is a direct replacement for the stock composite body that the LST XXL comes equipped with. With the threaded bodies you'll gain precision in two different areas. First of all, the inside of the shock bodies are polished to a mirror finish for the smoothest performance possible. Secondly, you can precisely adjust the preload on your shocks thanks to the threaded preload collar. You'll need to use the shock caps, cartridges, shafts and pistons from your stock shocks to complete the package along with your choice of genuine Losi Silicone Shock Oil.

HD Center Chassis Plate

HD Center Chassis Plate LOSB2261Monster trucks are rarely babied, as they're regularly subjected to the harshest environments we can find. With this in mind the HD Center Chassis Plate is really a no-brainer. This hard-anodized aluminum plate protects the underside of the chassis and transmission from rocks, branches or any other protruding object you may drive over. There's also a wing on one side to protect the stinger on your pipe from getting tweaked or damaged.

Finned Engine Mounts

Finned Engine Mounts LOSB5031Along with having to protect the underside of the chassis, it's also important to protect your engine from damage. Excessive heat can cause premature wear to develop in key areas of your engine. Help dissipate heat from your crankcase by installing Losi's Finned Engine Mounts. These mounts offer more cooling area than the stock units to draw the performance-killing heat away from your engine more efficiently. The Finned Engine Mounts are also anodized to better withstand harsh conditions.

Chrome or Hard Anodized HD Tuned Pipes

LOSB5057 (Chrome); LOSB5058 (Hard Anodized)Add some style to your LST XXL with this Chrome Tuned Pipe. The chrome finish on this pipe features a mirror finish that shines in any lighting condition. To make installation easier the Chrome HD Tuned Pipe includes header, pipe, seals and all necessary springs you may need. If you prefer a more utilitarian look then you may want to consider the Hard Anodized Pipe. While it may have a more subdued look when compared to the Chromed Pipe it comes through just as strongly in the performance department.