How-To: Monitor Your Main Battery Pack Voltage With Spektrum Telemetry

1/19/2009 by Gary Katzer

Copyright:© 2009 Horizon Hobby, Inc.

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The Spektrum DX3S is one amazing radio. Consider the fact that it
combines Spektrum's DSM technology with a real-time
telemetry system to provide you with instantaneous
feedback on how your car or truck is performing.
While this has been possible before with the
Electric and Nitro Telemetry Packages, the
DX3S eliminates the need for a separate
handheld unit. Perhaps one of the most
frequently asked questions I see when
surfing the forums is related to using
telemetry to monitor the voltage of a
main battery pack. The increase in
the use of LiPo battery packs has
made this an even more frequently
asked question. We've gathered
all the supplies needed to perform
this installation and sat down at
the workbench to get this
conversion rolling. It's time
to roll up your sleeves
as we delve into the
world of telemetry.

Supplies Needed:
• SR3000 Receiver (SPM1200)
• SR3001 Receiver (SPM1210)
• On-Board Telemetry Module (SPM1325)
• Main Battery Voltage Wiring
Harness (SPM1510)

• Soldering Iron
(Pencil Tip recommended)
• 60/40 Rosen Core Solder
• Pliers
• Wire Stripper
full-sized telemetry image