RV-8 46 ARF Preview

4/7/2009 by Jim Booker

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  • Wingspan: 59.8 in (1519mm)
  • Overall Length: 52 in (1321mm)
  • Wing Area: 705 sq in (45.5 sq dm)
  • Flying Weight: 6.5–7.25 lb (3–3.3 kg)
  • Engine Size: 2-stroke: .40–.52; 4-stroke: .56–.82
  • Motor Size: EP: .46–.60
  • Radio: 6+ channel
Hangar 9 RV-8 46 ARF

Hangar 9 is famous for its reputation of making excellent sport scale models of popular airplanes. Their newest is a replica of the very popular Van’s Aircraft RV-8. The model is constructed from lightweight balsa and plywood. Assembling it is simple because much of the work has already been completed, such as control surfaces that have been pre-hinged and control horns that have already been installed. It also has a very attractive scale trim scheme that is easy to see in the sky. Engines for this bird will range from a 46 two-stroke up to a 62 four-stroke. The model has a number of interesting features, including a large cockpit that is going to give you opportunities to add even more scale detail. Sport pilots will find that the flight performance is excellent, as seen in our video.

Watch our video presentation outlining the very interesting features included in this ARF kit.

RV-8 is a trademark of Van's Aircraft and is used with permission.