Preview - Hangar 9 introduces the Toledo Special

4/9/2009 by Jim Booker

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  • Wingspan: 69.5 in (1765.3mm)
  • Wing Area: 702.8 sq in (45.3 sq dm)
  • Overall Length: 50.8 in (1290.75mm)
  • Flying Weight: 6.25 lb
  • Engine Size: Glow 2-cycle .40–.46, 4-cycle .56–.72
Hangar 9 Toledo Special ARF

The world of ARF radio control airplanes is a wonderful thing. People that have been building models for a long time know just how much time you can save with an ARF. Hangar 9 has introduced a "retro" model for those attending the 2009 Toledo Weak Signals RC Expo called, what else, the Toledo Special! The Toledo Special appeals to all sport RC pilots but especially to people who have built some of those airplanes designed in the 1930s or 1940s. The beautiful elliptical surfaces and high wing configuration might cause its appearance to be that of a basic trainer, but this Toledo Special uses a semi-symmetrical airfoil that makes it very aerobatic. It is designed for 40- to 46-size two-stroke or 56- to 72-size four-stroke engines and it can also be electric-powered. After you see this one, you are definitely going to want to make more space in the workshop for another airplane.

Watch our video interview with Matt Andren, the Hangar 9 Product Developer responsible for this new airplane.