How-To: Complete Your Race Roller

5/26/2009 by Gary Katzer

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Front and Rear Swaybars LOSB2221

Losi's lineup of Race Rollers provides a fast and easy way to get up and running with a pro-built chassis. From the 8IGHT 2.0, 8IGHT-T 2.0 to the L8IGHT Model there's something here for many to enjoy. With each of these Race Rollers you will need some basic running items to get up and running, which can cause some confusion. After all there are countless servos, engines, receiver packs, starter boxes and more to choose from. We've polled the experts and gathered their opinions to help you get running with the right gear for you. We've broken them down into three categories; Casual, Intermediate and Hardcore. The items listed in Casual are for the more budget-conscious out there looking for a good value, easy tuning and adjusting along with reliable performance. The Intermediate products are a little more performance orientated but still save you some coin where possible. The Hardcore products speak towards the ultimate in performance, when compromise is not an option. We're sure you'll find something here that will suit your needs and your budget.


Dynamite Mach 2 .21 SGCasual
Dynamite Mach 2 .21 SG

The Dynamite Mach 2 series of engines are becoming the engine of choice for many RC sport-level racers. Featuring a 13mm turbo ported crankshaft and 6 port piston and sleeve allow the Mach 2 to deliver superior horsepower, torque and efficiency. Using technologies developed from the Dynamite Platinum Series .21 XP the Mach 2 .21 successfully bridges the gaps between price
and performance in one convenient package.

Dynamite Mach .26Intermediate
Dynamite Mach .26

The Dynamite Mach .26 provides exactly what you want in an engine. It provides a ton of power while still being easy to tune, adjust and break in. Its dual needle valve setup helps you to be able to get the most acceleration and top speed out of your 8IGHT 2.0, 8IGHT T 2.0 or your L8IGHT Model. 

Dynamite Platinum Series .21XPHardcore
Dynamite Platinum Series .21XP

If you like getting more than you pay for, then look no further than the Dynamite Platinum Series .21XP engine. This .21 engine delivers premium performance without the premium price tag. Featuring a three-needle carb for better adjustments of high, mid, and low-range throttle response, the Dynamite Platinum .21XP purrs like a kitten at idle while roaring like a ferocious hunter on the prowl when you open it
up and let it eat.


Spektrum DX3.0Casual
Spektrum DX3.0

Leave frequency control, glitching and interference in the dust with the DX3.0. Utilizing Spektrum's 2.4GHz DSM technology, this is one radio that provides a safe and secure connection between your hands and your vehicle. The DX3.0 includes an SR3000 receiver with built-in failsafe—a must-have for anyone running a nitro vehicle.

Spektrum DX3SIntermediate
Spektrum DX3S

When you take Spektrum's telemetry and combine it with some of the best ergonomics and programming out there, you get the Spektrum DX3S. The Spektrum DX3S features a huge LCD display, 10-model memory, Standard and Expert menu lists and of course built-in telemetry. The DX3S also includes two receivers right from the box, making it easy to outfit a second vehicle with
Spektrum DSM technology.

Spektrum DX3RHardcore
Spektrum DX3R

The DX3R does everything a bit better and faster than other radios. With its adjustable frame rates you will enjoy a crisp steering and throttle feeling that you have never experienced before. Combine the lightning fast frame rates with the speed of Spektrum's DSM2 technology and you have the fastest and most responsive racer's radio available. 



If you're looking for the performance of a digital servo but don't want to drop that much coin, then the JR Z4800 servos are the ideal choice. Similar in performance and design to the popular JR 8800 series of digital servos, the Z4800s allow you to have a high-performance servo at the price of an analog one. The Z4800 features a metal geartrain and precise ball bearings to
aid in precision and durability. There are two
versions of the Z4800 available, the
Z4800S (speed) and Z4800T (torque).


If there was a servo hall of fame the JR Z8800's would sure  be in there. These digital servos provide a fast response time, tight deadband and ultra-durable performance. The Z8800S features 105 oz of torque with a .08 transit time. The Z8800T boosts up the torque to 188 oz with a transit time of .15. These are two of the best servos you could bolt onto your chassis.


LiPo batteries have revolutionized racing and now you can take advantage of LiPo receiver packs thanks to the newest generation of High Voltage servos from JR. These new servos forego the need for a voltage regulator thanks to their ability to operate at the higher 7.4 voltage output of LiPo batteries. The Z9100HVS is lightning fast, featuring a .06 transit time and 230 oz of torque. If that's not
enough torque for you then check out the
Z9100HVT features a mammoth 480 oz of torque
while still maintaining a .12 transit time. Both servos
also feature a rugged aluminum case and
SuperSteel gears for bulletproof durability.

Starter Boxes

Dynamite Ready Start

When you don't want to waste hours assembling and setting up a starter box that will simply fall apart on you, check out the Dynamite Ready Start. Featuring a durable metal construction, integrated glow plug caddy, adjustable mounting pegs and dual 550-size motors, the Ready Start will fire up even the most troublesome engine without batting an eye.. 

Dynamite Platinum Series Quick Fire Universal Starter Box

Lighten your load while still knowing you'll have the power on-tap to start just about any engine with the Quick Fire Universal Starter Box. This is one starter that has it where it counts thanks to the oversized 775-size starter motor. You can configure the included pegs to accommodate practically any vehicle that uses a .12-size engine and up. From 1/10-scale
stadium trucks to massive 1/8-scale buggies and
truggies, the Quick Fire Universal Starter Box
will get you and your vehicle fired up. 

8IGHT/8IGHT-T Starter Box

The Losi 8IGHT and 8IGHT-T Starter Box has been designed to fire your buggy, truggy or L8IGHT Model without cumbersome setup time. This starter box lines up perfectly with the underside of your 8IGHT 2.0 and L8IGHT Model. Configuring the 8IGHT Starter Box for your 8IGHT-T 2.0 is as simple as the push of a button, Extend the front chassis brace out and, voila, it's ready for truggy use.


Dynamite Vision Peak 2

Let's face it; the last thing you want to worry about is whether your receiver pack was charged completely before you got out to run. Eliminate that worry all together with the Dynamite Vision Peak 2 charger. With integrated peak detection circuitry you are sure to have a complete charge each and every time. The Vision Peak 2 also features AC/DC operation for those times when you
won't have access to an electrical outlet.

Losi 1-5 Cell Intelligent LiPo Balancing Charging System

LiPo batteries are more prevalent than ever and for many good reasons. LiPo batteries weigh less and have a higher capacity than their NiMH cousins. Charging LiPo batteries requires specific charging equipment and the Losi Intelligent Balancing Charger fits the bill perfectly. The side-positioned balancing port keeps your LiPo voltage in check while an
advanced charging algorithm ensures that
your LiPo packs are charged completely
and safely each and every time.

Thunder Power THP610C

When looking for an all-in-one charging, discharging and balancing solution then the TP610 from Thunder Power is the charger for you. Not only will it charge NiCd and NiMH batteries but it will also charge and balance LiPo batteries, Li-Ion, lead acid and A123 cells. In addition to charging your packs the TP610 also has a discharger, making the TP610 a very complete battery maintenance system.

Receiver Packs

EP1500mAh NiMH Receiver Pack

Enjoy extended time between charges and excellent performance with the EP1500mAh receiver pack from Dynamite. Constructed of 5 EP cells this pack maintains its performance charge after charge, providing extended run times. Its 3x2 configuration fits the inside of the 8IGHT 2.0, 8IGHT-T 2.0 and L8IGHT Model's battery box perfectly. 

B1600mAh NiMH Receiver Pack

IB cells have been the choice of national and world champions for years and they have brought that same dedication to excellence to receiver packs with this 1600mAh pack from Dynamite. Preassembled in a 3x2 hump configuration this receiver pack has the power behind it to handle the current draw of today's popular high-current drain digital servos.  

Losi 2000mAh 2-Cell LiPo

If you're into serious racing you're going to want a serious receiver pack, and the Losi 2000mAh LiPo is just that pack. With its 2000mAh rating it exceeds anything you would find in a NiCd or NiMH receiver pack all while weighing less at the same time. This receiver pack features an external balancing connector to help ensure that your pack is getting a full charge each and every time.