Preview- Pro Boat Endeavor Sailboat

6/2/2009 by Gary Katzer

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  • Ready-to-run with no
        assembly required
  • Includes electric motor
        for easier launching and
        returning to shore
  • Battery and
        charger included
  • Compact design for easy     transportation

Pro Boat's models have a long history of not just being great-looking but also being extremely user-friendly. They've taken this philosophy and applied it to the world of sailboats with their latest project, the Pro Boat Endeavor. In years past getting into this segment of RC meant hours and hours of following complex assembly instructions, rigging everything properly, installing the electronics and more. What was worse is that after all this work and labor, you never knew if you would be successful until you put your craft on the water for the first time, often to disappointing results.

Pro Boat has made getting into model sailing easier than ever before. The Endeavor is a complete ready-to-run sailboat, meaning all the difficult work has been done for you before you even open the box. From the preinstalled radio system, included NiMH battery pack and charger, detailed hull and more it is possible to be up and on the water in minutes, not days. Best of all is the on-board recovery motor system that makes it possible to return to shore in the event that the wind dies on you. We've caught up with Pro Boat's Derek Wagner and one of these gorgeous boats to find out what makes the Endeavor so special.

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