Preview - Hangar 9 Taylorcraft

6/4/2009 by Jim Booker

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  • Wingspan: 80.5 in
  • Overall Length: 63.5 in
  • Wing Area: 1152 sq in
        (74.5 sq dm)
  • Flying Weight: 14–15.5 lb
        (6.4–7.1 kg)
  • Engine Size: 1.00–1.60
        2-stroke, 1.20–1.80
        4-stroke, 20–26cc gas
  • Motor Size: E-flite Power 110
  • Hardware Included: Yes, with
        hinges and control horns

Jim Moss, renowned aircraft restoration expert, created and built a one-of-a-kind full-scale, clipped-wing Taylorcraft that has become a favorite of RC modelers everywhere. Hangar 9 has reproduced that Taylorcraft with excellent scale detail and many new features. Peter Bergstrom, the product developer for this Hangar 9 project came by to give us a rundown on this new airplane. Among the new features we talk about in our video are the painted fiberglass cowling with detailed scoop and louvers, a detailed cockpit, wheel pants, and functioning spring-loaded landing gear. The Taylorcraft also has an 80-inch wingspan which makes it giant-scale legal while yielding surprising aerobatic capabilities. All necessary hardware is included and the model comes with everything needed to equip it with gas, glow or electric power.

Let’s watch our video interview with Peter and see these features first-hand. You will enjoy many things about this new model from Hangar 9.