How-To: Build Dynamite's Shocks for the Traxxas Slash

7/7/2009 by Gary Katzer

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The Traxxas Slash has been tearing up backyards and racetracks all around the country and for very good reason. The Slash provides a fast, durable and nimble truck in one great looking package. There are many of us who just can't leave well enough alone with any of our vehicles and the Slash is no exception. One of the first areas many look to upgrade on this truck is the shocks, as the performance of the stock plastic shocks can definitely be improved upon. Dynamite has a ton of great aftermarket parts out there for the Slash, including a terrific set of aluminum shock bodies and shock caps. We've put together a quick tutorial to show you how to disassemble the kit shocks, what parts you'll need to recycle and how to reassemble everything. It should take you just a few minutes to complete and the effort will be well worth it. These new shocks will smooth out your ride dramatically, making your Slash easier to drive faster.