DX6i Trainer Jack Bulletin

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Spektrum product bulletin

If your DX6i transmitter has Product Identification Codes (PIDs) HA906X and HA907X, then please read the following advisory.

Product Identification (PID) codes may be found on the inside of the battery compartment of the DX6i transmitter; if your transmitter does not have a PID code, then it is not affected by this bulletin.

Date Code Location

PID within the battery compartment

  Date Code Location

PID on the DX6i box (beneath the UPC)

Our service centers in the US, UK, and Germany have received several reports of short circuits occurring in the DX6i, melting some interior components. The cause for this issue is an incorrect trainer jack used in the assembly. Use of these incorrect trainer jacks by either a buddy cable or a flight simulator cable can create a short circuit, causing energy from batteries to be released in the form of heat inside the transmitter, melting interior components and generating smoke. Our investigation shows that only a small percentage of the transmitters are affected, and the situation has now been corrected at the factory, but all transmitters with these two PIDs should be returned to Horizon for inspection and, if needed, repair. Even if you do not currently use or plan to use your trainer jack, please return the transmitter for inspection.

Please complete the on-line request form here. For US and Canadian consumers, Horizon will pay for all ground shipping charges to and from our US service center. Customers outside the US and Canada should contact their retailer or local Spektrum distributor. Within Europe, please follow these links to our service centers in England or Germany. Australian consumers can follow this link. Any transmitters with PID other than HA906X or HA907X are not affected by this bulletin and do not need their trainer jacks inspected.

If you have any questions, please call our Product Support group at 1-877-504-0233.

We apologize for this inconvenience. While there is no evidence of any fire hazard associated with the melting, Horizon assumes no risk for any consumer failing to act upon this service advisory.

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