We Take a Close Look At The Spektrum Ultra-Micro Receiver

11/12/2009 by Jim Booker

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I love all the ultra micro-sized models that we have seen this last year or so. ParkZone airplanes and E-flite helicopters have captured a huge audience of fans. Of course many clubs have started up Friday night flying sessions in local school gymnasiums so everyone can get together and have a great time flying these models. Recently, we have seen full 4-channel airplanes flying with the new Spektrum™ AR6400 6-channel receiver and related servos. The AR6400 is available as a separate item for people who would like to build their own design for micro models. Sometimes people have adapted the radio from one of their other ultra micro models into a design of their own. Many simple stick and tissue or all flat foam models are easy to build and great fun at the flying sessions, and this radio is anatural for those airplanes.

I know Matt Andren, product developer for ParkZone, is always looking for a new airplane idea that he can build, and I wanted to talk with him a bit about using this new AR6400 DSM2™ radio in his new projects. It was a pretty interesting—take a look at our video discussion and see if it gives you some ideas of your own.