Review - We assemble Align’s T-REX 450 Pro

2/8/2010 by Jim Booker

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In recent years Align helicopters have set the standard for quality and performance. Align’s new T-REX 450 Pro introduces new ideas like a shaft-driven tail rotor and rigid-box fuselage components. The Pro is not just a remarked T-REX 450, but rather builds on the strengths of previous designs and introduces a new level of performance to the 450-size helicopter market. With all it offers, the Pro has set a standard for others to follow. In our video, we assemble the T-REX Pro and give you a chance to see how Align designed it. Assembly doesn’t take long, but most people will likely spend a few evenings setting it up and fine-tuning the radio/gyro installation. The tail rotor shaft drive is easy to install and gives you a totally drag free setup. When completed, this heli is vibration-free, impressively quiet, and perfectly responsive to control inputs.


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