Pit Stop Basics

4/8/2010 by Gary Katzer

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    With the extended-length races common in the 1/8-scale racing scene, getting in and out of the pits can be crucially important to your overall performance on-track. Having the proper gear with you to keep your car or truck running, tuned and fueled can make or break how you finish in a race. Not only do you need specific gear to get your vehicle maintained, but you also need to prep your vehicle for the most efficient refueling as possible.
    When it comes to getting in and out of the pits as fast as possible Team Losi Racing's Adam Drake is one of the best in the business. We had a chance to tag-along with Adam during a recent test session at the world-famous Revelation Raceway in Ontario, California. Adam talks us through how to prep your vehicle for the optimum stop, what to do before a fuel stop, how to properly communicate with the driver and execute the stop itself. Adam provides a unique perspective to the art of the pit stops. We'd like to thank YouTube subscriber LeopardGekko777 for the suggestion for this how-to as well.