Preview - Hangar 9 Phoenix 7 Pattern 60 ARF

6/18/2010 by Jim Booker

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Hangar 9 has been known for introducing exciting and innovative models but the “new” Phoenix 7 makes you take a “step back” in more than one way. The Don Lowe designed Phoenix is an aerobatic model from the days before 3D. “Old style” aerobatic competition has been making a comeback around the country and the Phoenix 7, with it’s swept-wing appearance, will instantly have people thinking of the precision flight characteristics we were accustomed to in the 1970s (or earlier!). The ballistic flight of the Phoenix is a sight to behold. This airplane may introduce newer RC enthusiasts to the kind of airplane that we “used” to take to the flying field years ago. Hangar 9 has made what was “old” new again, but now ARF construction replaces the original month- long building project with a beautifully finished, well-made model that can be completed in just a few evenings. The fully sheeted wing and painted fiberglass fuselage guarantee that your model will be as nice as Mike McConville’s example in our video.

Mike is going to give us a background on the Phoenix and outline the features the model introduces that make this retract-ready model much better than the original. Our video might have you thinking it is time to get one of these remarkable airplanes.

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