How To Convert Your LST to Electric

7/14/2010 by Gary Katzer

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     Ever since the original LST debuted nearly 5-years ago, many of you out there have had a blast doing different things with your truck. From those who have turned your trucks into monuments of titanium and aluminum, installed gi-normous engines, created low-riders or any variation of these themes, the LST has been a truly versatile platform for the modeling community. This has remained true through every subsequent revision of the truck, including the LST2, the Aftershock, Aftershock LE, the LST XXL and still others.
     One of the most popular requests has been for a conversion to transplant a brushless motor and Li-Po battery onto the chassis in place of the standard big-bore engine. Losi has answered the call and created a purpose-built e-conversion for the LST-based trucks. We’ve taken our Project: Ultimate Race LST2 truck and grafted the conversion onto it. The result is a truck that looks clean, handles well and has a boatload of power under the hood. Come along as we put this “new” LST through its paces.

For those looking for more information on the conversion and to see the build, we have it saved on our uStream page. We’ve broken the conversion down into two parts for you to check out. You can view the build video at the links below.

Part 1
Part 2