Pro Boat Mystic Review

8/24/2011 by Gary Katzer

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When the warm weather hits, getting out on the water for some boating fun is always a welcome adventure. Whether we're talking about full-scale boats or RC ones, summertime on the water is a great way to cool off and have a great time. When it comes to RC boating, Pro Boat continues to raise the bar in-terms of performance, especially with their latest brushless boats. The Pro Boat® Mystic 29 is one of their latest models and takes things to the next level. Featuring a similar hull design to the Miss Geico, the Mystic 29 features a more powerful motor and ESC to really rocket out on the water. We charged up our Li-Po packs and hit the water waves for some summertime fun.

Speed Specs
Mystic 29
Manufacturer: Pro Boat
Part Numbers: PRB4075; PRB4075S
Target Audience: Brushless Boat Performance Enthusiasts
Completion Level: PNP; RTR

For our tests here, we decided to go with the RTR variety of the Mystic 29. This version includes the boat itself, a nice boat stand and a Pro Boat 2.4GHz transmitter with Spektrum™ Marine technology. In the end, the only thing you'll need to get up and running is a pair of Li-Po or Ni-MH battery packs and a battery charger. Since the Mystic has a high-current motor and ESC system, we needed to use batteries with a significant C-rating. We ended up using a pair of Orion 5400mAh 45C and a pair of Dynamite® Platinum 5200mAh 50C Li-Po batteries to power up the Mystic. To chargethe packs, we used our tried and true Dynamite Passport™ Ultra Multi-Chemical Charger. Having heard great things about the Miss Geico, I was really looking forward to getting some trigger time with the Mystic. With boat, batteries and camera in tow, we headed to the local lake to see how the Mystic performed.

The Mystic features the same basic hull design as its sister catamaran, the Miss Geico. One major difference between the overall design of these two, however, is the rudder system. Where the Miss Geico features an in-line rudder, the Mystic uses an offset rudder. Having not run the Geico, I didn't know what to expect, but the Mystic absolutely did not disappoint. Sure, any boat with an 1800Kv motor is going to be ballistic on the water, but the Mystic drives incredibly well. With another boat, you may find yourself having to drastically slow down when cornering to ensure you don't barrel roll if you charge a turn at too high a speed. That couldn't be further from the case with the Mystic, as it was super sure-footed at all speeds. At most, I would breathe the throttle going into the corner, turn and I could hammer the throttle through the entire rest of the turn. If you watch the video, you'll hear me describe the handling as being similar to driving a dirt oval car as it rides the cushion, and the analogy totally fits. This is one of the best handling boats I have ever driven.

The Mystic 29 features an offset rudder setup, which reduces the amount of low-speed steering. The Mystic doesn't have an over-abundance of low-speed steering or the low-speed steering authority that an inline rudder or steerable drive section would have. But with a boat like this, you won't be at a reduced speed all that often, and when you are, the Mystic has plenty of control to be able to launch or retrieve it. During normal low-speed maneuvers, the offset rudder does has a bit more steering in one direction than the other, however, you can counteract this with the steering throw adjustments on the transmitter.

The speed and performance of the Mystic 29 becomes truly evident when you're at-speed. The Mystic has a boatload of high-speed stability, but that stability doesn't come at the cost of steering. The CG is pretty low, which makes it corner really flat. The low CG also helps the Mystic carry more speed while cornering without going for a tumble, similar to traction rolling with on-road cars.
The Mystic is terrific to blast around a lake, regardless of water conditions. While the lake was relatively calm on the day we filmed, I've been out with it a few times since on rougher waters and the Mystic handled business without missing a beat. Bombing around and doing straight-line speed runs is an absolute blast, but it handles so well that you don't need to come to a complete stop before turning. There were times when the bow was a little light, but moving the battery packs a bit forward helped.

Out-of-the-Box Setup
I'll tell you right now that my favorite boat that I have driven before the Mystic was the Pro Boat Formula FASTech. But as of this writing, all that has changed and my new favorite is this boat right here, the Mystic 29. As it comes out of the box, it is really fast, looks good and handles amazingly well. That, for me, was the major difference on the Mystic over other boats— that it handled so great at high speed. It just hunkers down when you cut the steering in one direction or another and it just goes—no fuss, no muss.
The stock motor and ESC actually surprised me with how smooth it was. I'll admit, I am not a huge fan of sensorless motors and ESCs in cars and trucks as they tend to not feel as smooth as their sensored brethren. The system that is featured in the Mystic 29 however, is really smooth; possibly the smoothest throttle response of any boat ESC I've driven. Whether I was tooling around at low-speed or flying across the lake at full-tilt-boogie, the throttle response was super-crisp. The Mystic 29 also comes equipped with a metal prop for enhanced durability in the event that you hit or are snagged on something. Metal doesn't flex like molded composites do either.

Conclusion I've never driven a boat that I didn't like or have fun with. To this point, the standard I've used to compare other boats has been the Pro Boat Formula FASTech, as mentioned earlier. To equal that boat's performance is really something special; to surpass it is unheard of. That is, until now. The Mystic 29 is an amazing boat in the water due to its raw speed and top-notch handling. While there are other boats out there that are as-fast, if not faster, the handling of the Mystic 29 is the difference-maker here. I have never driven a boat that I can power through corners as aggressively as I can with the Mystic 29. Now, I haven't driven every single boat out there, but I have driven a number of them and have a good basis of comparison, and the Mystic 29 is ah-mazing! Going out and having a great time is what the Mystic 29 is all about, and it is my new measuring stick for what all other electric boats should be.