ECX 1/18-scale Ruckus and Torment Preview

9/26/2013 by Gary Katzer

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The ECX® cars and trucks have found a very welcome place in our hearts. From the beginning, ECX vehicles have proven to be reliable, durable, and most importantly, fun. One of the early goals of ECX was to help beginners and casual RC enthusiasts get involved in the world of professional grade RC vehicles without having to take out a second mortgage on their home. The developers have been hard at work and have two new trucks aimed at this segment of the hobby in the 1/18-scale Ruckus® monster truck and Torment™ short course truck.

Engineered to be a great entry into RC or for the causal enthusiast, both of these trucks are ready for action. Continuing on with the heritage of being extremely durable, both trucks feature resilient molded composite materials designed to bend and not break in the event of a crash. To help power you up and over just about any terrain, they feature a full-time 4WD drive system, providing constant pulling power to all 4-wheels. The gears are completely sealed to keep dirt, rocks, sticks and other debris out and prevent them from fouling the works. ECX knows you never want the fun to stop, even when it starts getting wet out, so the 1/18-scale Ruckus and Torment are also waterproof.

We're very excited to learn more about these great-looking vehicles and we're sure you are too. We had a chance to visit with ECX designer Keith Whisler and learn all about these amazing vehicles. From the radio gear and suspension to the design philosophy and how they run, there's something here for everyone. We invite you to sit back, relax and enjoy this inside look at what may be your first, or next, ECX RC vehicle.