RC Boating BasicsPublished on6/7/2012

Learn about RC boating basics and get your degree in Boating 101

How-To: Prepare Your RC Boat For The WaterPublished on6/7/2012

Five basic steps to go from box to water

Pro Boat Retrieval Decoy ReviewPublished on12/29/2011

Few vehicles of any class have raised as many eyebrows as the Pro Boat® Retrieval Decoy. This watercraft replicates the look and feel of a mallard duck on the water while providing a totally unique and different experience out on the water.

Pro Boat Impulse 26 ReviewPublished on10/6/2011

The Pro Boat® Impulse™ 26 is a great place to get your feet wet with the world of RC boating. The Impulse 26 is a great looking boat and we're going to see if it performs as well as it looks.

Pro Boat Mystic ReviewPublished on8/24/2011

When the warm weather hits, getting out on the water for some boating fun is always a welcome adventure. The Pro Boat® Mystic 29 features a powerful motor and and exceptional handling to really rocket out on the water.

Pro Boat Stiletto ReviewPublished on6/30/2011

For those looking for the rush and thrill only the speed of a tunnel hull can deliver, there's the Pro Boat Stiletto. The Stiletto brings the world of tunnel hulls to the world of RC in a fast and fun way.

Spektrum Marine Technology ReviewPublished on8/7/2009

Learn about Spektrum's Marine receiver and radio and get some installation tips and tricks in our review.

How-To: Maintain Your Boat's FlexshaftPublished on8/5/2009

Learn how to maintain the flexshaft in your RC Boat in these few simple steps

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We Preview Pro Boat's Covert Deep-V, the WidowMaker, and Reveal All It's Hidden Secrets

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Pick The Right Gear For Awesome Boating Fun

Preview- Pro Boat Endeavor SailboatPublished on6/2/2009

We dive below decks on the latest sailboat from Pro Boat, the great looking Endeavor RTR.

Holiday Gift Guide 2008: Top BoatsPublished on12/4/2008

Holiday Gift Guide 2008: Top Boats

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HorizonRC.Com Previews the Pro Boat Coast Guard Motor Lifeboat

Preview: Pro Boat 1/12-Scale Brushless Miss ElamPublished on6/26/2008 Previews the Pro Boat 1/12-Scale Brushless Miss Elam

Basic Boating SafetyPublished on2/28/2006

We’ve put together a list of items that you should follow every time you place your boat on the water, learn more now!

Post-Run Maintenance for Your BoatPublished on2/6/2006

You'll find some of the basics to maintaining your boats and some important tips and keys to boating success.

Pro Boat Introduces the 1/12 Miss LLumar Nitro Hydro RTRPublished on9/22/2004

Pro Boat has unleashed their newest scale version of an unlimited hydro - the 1/12 Miss LLumar.

Light Air SailingPublished on11/15/2001

Like most people I arrive at the lake on a sailing day hoping for that beautiful breeze.