Clipped Wing Cub 250 ARF



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Required to Complete

- 4+ Channel transmitter and receiver radio system
- (4) Super sub-micro servos
- 250 Brushless outrunner motor
- Brushless speed control
- Flight battery pack
- Battery charger
- Propeller



The E-flite® Clipped Wing J-3 Cub 250 airplane is the perfect little scale aerobat. With its wings clipped and a powerful E-flite outrunner motor inside the cowling, you get all the freedom the J-3 promises, plus the thrill of a more spirited flight.

The E-flite® Clipped Wing J-3 Cub 250 airplane is the perfect little scale aerobat. Charming, classic and iconic are just a few of the characteristics for which the J-3 Cub is renowned. With its wings clipped and just a few more horses inside the cowling, you get all freedom the J-3 promises, plus the thrill of a more spirited flying experience. E-flite respectfully captures the Clipped Wing variant with a lightweight, all-wood structure in a way that authentically preserves the distinctive outline with a fun-to-fly model that’s ideal for park environments. Even more satisfying is the short amount of time you’ll need to get this charmer flight-ready, thanks to great features like the painted cowling with engine detail, streamlined wheel pants, finished wire landing gear, factory-installed tail surfaces and completely hinged control surfaces.

Following the recommended E-flite accessories and Spektrum™ radio gear list can help your build go even more smoothly. The suggested 2S 7.4V Li-Po battery and E-flite Park 250 motor combination delivers the ideal power setup for great performance at a high efficiency level. For highest level of stability and agility possible, choose the new Spektrum AR6335 nanolite receiver with AS3X® technology and enjoy the convenience of a park flyer that flies more like an expertly tuned airplane that’s many more times the size.

Ultra-Lightweight Construction
All-wood construction adds a sense of tradition and ease of repair while modern engineering offers light weight, rigidity and torsional stiffness. UltraCote® ParkLite™ covering enhances the authentic scale appearance in addition to unmatched durability.

Scale Detail with Benefits
The Clipped Wing J-3 Cub 250 has an authentic scale outline with only slight deviations taken where performance and handling could be improved. The exposed cylinder heads are replicated to allow better component cooling with cleverly designed air intakes on the front of the dummy cylinders.

Great Looks and Fast Assembly
The wings add authenticity and permanently attach to the fuselage using scale wing struts to enhance the rigid, lightweight structure. The landing gear is made of steel music wire that has been covered in a very similar method to the full-scale. The factory installed tail surfaces and pre-hinged control surfaces reduce work-bench time significantly.

Dual Aileron Servos
Dual aileron servos offer a more solid control feel and can deliver more power to the control surface. Fast and precise, the E-flite® DS35 digital servo is a tiny, lightweight servo with great holding power. Because the airplane is designed around them, installation is quick and easy.


  • Ultra-lightweight, balsa and plywood construction
  • True-to-scale proportions
  • Genuine Hangar 9® UltraCote® ParkLite™ covering
  • Ready-to-mount the E-flite® Park 250 motor
  • Painted cowling with engine detail
  • Clear windshield and side windows
  • Streamlined wheel pants and finished wire landing gear
  • Large magnetic battery hatch
  • Factory-installed tail surfaces with hinged control surfaces
  • Complete hardware package and steerable tailwheel


30.7 in (780mm)
Overall Length:
23.7 in (600mm)
Wing Area:
168 sq in (10.9 sq dm)
Flying Weight:
8.95 - 9.30 oz (254 - 263 g)
Motor Size:
250 Brushless
4+ Channel radio system
(4) 3.5-Gram DS35 Digital Super Sub-Micro Servo
Trim Scheme Colors:
Parklite Cub Yellow & Parklite Black
CG (center of gravity):
35-45mm back from LE
Prop Size:
APC 7x4e prop
Speed Control :
10- Amp Brushless ESC
Recommended Battery:
7.4V 2S 450mAh 30C LiPo
Experience Level:
Recommended Environment:
Assembly Time:
3-5 Hours
Is Assembly Required:

Parts & Accessories

Completion Guides Recommended   (See All)

  • Thin Electric Prop: 7X4E

  • Prophet Precept 80W LCD ACDC Battery Charger

  • 10-Amp Pro Brushless ESC

  • 450mAh 2S 7.4V 30C LiPo, 18AWG JST

Parts Listing   (See All)

  • Main Wheel Set: Piper L-4 Grasshopper 250 ARF

  • Pushrod: Piper L-4 Grasshopper 250 ARF

  • Fuselage: Clipped Wing Cub 250 ARF

  • Wing Panels L&R: Clipped Wing Cub 250 ARF

Optional Accessories   (See All)

  • GPS Speed Meter

  • Prophet Sport Plus 50W AC/DC Charger

  • Prophet Precept 80W LCD ACDC Battery Charger

  • Power Meter