XR3i FM Radio w/1-Z590M Sx & 1-Z270 Servo 75MHz



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When you're ready to start racing competitively, JR's XR3i 3-channel FM system has everything you need to put the hurt on the competition without hurting your wallet.

When you're ready to start racing competitively, JR's new FM XR3i has everything you need to put the hurt on the competition without hurting your wallet. It offers all the sophisticated software and features that made the XR3 such a big hit, along with some very impressive new ones usually found on pricier systems.



  • Sub trim
  • Trim memory
  • LCD display
  • Endpoint adjustment
  • Trim and dial programmability


# of Channels:
Model Memory:

Parts & Accessories

Included   (See All)

  • R135 3 CH FM Receiver, 27/75MHz

  • Z270 Standard Race Servo

  • Z590M High Torque Race Servo: Metal Gear

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Detailed Information

Near the top of the list of new goodies is exponential adjustment for both steering and throttle. JR's new Z590M high-torque steering servo with its stout metal gear train and potent 70 ounce inch of torque is included as standard equipment. Four-model memory, an emergency steering override button for getting out of tight jams and an advanced lap timer are also part of the package. You can even use the XR3i's 3rd channel grip button as a reverse switch for the Traxxas T-Maxx. There really isn’t much this system can’t do.

If you think you’re ready to break into the racing ranks, JR's affordable, feature-packed XR3i has exactly what you need . . . and a whole lot more.

Technical Notes

System Features

- Electronic Digital Throttle Trim Lever
- Dot Matrix Multi- Data
- LCD Display
- Three-Character Name Input
- Digital Voltage Reading
- Electronic Digital Grip Lever A
- Electronic Digital Grip Lever B
- Grip Button C
- Charge Jack
- Power Switch
- Scroll Button 
- Channel Button
- Increase Button
- Decrease Button
- Electronic Digital Steering Trim
- Steering Trim Lever
- Throttle Trigger Adjustable
- Steering Tension

Program Features

- 3 channels
- FM modulation
- Easy-to-read LCD graphics display
- 4-model memory
- 3-character model name entry
- Electronic digital trim levers for throttle and steering
- Two assignable electronic grip levers
- Auxiliary third channel accessible through Grip Lever A
- Direct display trim function
- Servo reversing
- Sub-trim 
- Steering dual-rate 
- Exponential (steering and throttle)
- Steering end-point adjustment
  (two points: left and right)
- Brake/throttle endpoint adjustment 
- Throttle deadband adjustment 
- 50-lap timer 
- Low-battery alarm 
- Plug-in crystals
- Charge jack receptacle (rechargeable batteries
  not included; order JRPB958)