Vibe NEX E8 Flybarless Assembly Kit



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Required to Complete

A complete radio system capable of 120 degree or 140 degree CCPM with 3ea collective servos, (JRPS8717, JRPS8917HV), 1ea tail rotor servo(JRP8900G, JRPSMP80G)
3 Axis Gyro System (TAGS01, JRPGTA01)
Carbon Fiber Main rotor blades  
 - 12mm thick grips
 - Bolt hole 4mm
 - Length 600mm to 625mm *wooden rotor blades are unusable
Brushless Motor
 - Approximately 740KV [8cell]  
 - Approximately 500KV [12 Cell]
ESC  100A or greater
Lithium-Polymer Battery  
 - 4 Cell-4,400mAh (x2)  
 - 6 Cell-3,300mAh (x2)
Battery Connector Pins
Battery Charger
Lead harness Gold, 60-core 150 LG (150mm / 6")


The frame of the NEXt Generation Vibe E8 Flybarless kit has been designed to allow easy installation of motor, battery and ESC. Parts are included for your choice of a CCPM 120- or 140-degree swashplate configuration. The NEX E8 kit includes a machined-aluminum, flybarless rotor head as standard equipment along with a JR FBL pitch jig. The shaft-driven tail with robust tail box and gears are designed to handle the most extreme 3D flying. Each tail rotor grip contains dual radial bearings, plus a thrust bearing, providing smooth and precise tail operation. The kit also includes a FRP canopy, painted in three colors.


  • Carbon main frame and tail pieces for lightweight and rigid construction
  • New frame design allows for easy installation and access to motor, ESC, batteries and electronics
  • Engineered to handle Li-Po battery power from 8 to 12 cells
  • Shaft-driven tail with robust tail box and gears to handle the most extreme 3D flying
  • Three-color, prepainted FRP canopy


Main Rotor Diameter:
53.6 in (1,361mm) w/600mm main blades
Tail Rotor Diameter:
10.6 in (268mm)
Gross Weight:
2,750g / 6.06lbs (Main blades not included)
48.2 in (1,225mm)
Main Gear Ratio:
Tail Ratio:
Motor Size:
740kv (8-cell), 500kv (12-cell)
Rotor Blade Length:
600mm to 625mm
Minimum Age Recommendation:
14 years
Experience Level:
Recommended Environment:
Is Assembly Required:

Parts & Accessories

Parts Listing   (See All)

  • Tail Pitch Link:S,V,CP,V5,V3D,V5E,VSG, V5NX

  • Spiral Servo Wire Tube:All

  • Tail Boom Holder: A5,V3D,VSG, V5NX

  • Flybar, 3x440mm: A5, V3D, V5NX