B4 Servo Gear: 8611,8711,8717HV,9000T,9100T,9100HV



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Due Mid April, 2017

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Gear for JR 8611, 8611R, 8611A, 8611AR, 8711, 8711R, 8711HV, 8717HV, Z9000T, Z9100T, Z9100HVT, and Z9100HVS Servos


Gear for JRPS8611, JRPS8611R, JRPS8611A, JRPS8611AR, JRPS8711, JRPS8711R, JRPS8711HV, JRPS8717HV, JRPSZ9000T, JRPSZ9100T, JRPSZ9100HVT, JRPSZ9100HVS

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The "B4 GR:8611/A,8711/HV,8717HV,9000T,9100T/HVT/HVS(1)" is used in the following:

  • Servo Case: 8611,8611A,Z9000T

  • Gear Set, Alloy:8611,8611A,Z9000T,8711

  • Gear Set, Steel: 8711HV, 9100HVT, 8911HV

  • Gear Set, Steel: 8717HV, 9100HVS, 8917HV