Turnbuckle Kit, Titanium: 8B 2.0



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Titanium turnbuckles offer a weight savings of 15.8 grams (1/2 ounces) over the stock steel components. By using all of the following titanium parts, the 8IGHT 2.0™ can have a weight savings of 42% over the steel components.

LOSA5439 Shock Stand-Off Set, Titanium (4) 8B, 8T
LOSA6504 Hinge Pins 4x21mm, Titanium (4) 8B, 8T
LOSA6530 Turnbuckle Kit, Titanium: 8B 2.0

Parts & Accessories

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  • Shock Stand-Off Set Titanium (4): 8B, 8T

  • Hinge Pins 4 x 21mm, Titanium (4): 8B, 8T

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