M5 Thin Viscosity CA Glue 1 oz



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No more clogging up, No more hardened CA, No more frustration!

Mercury M5T Instant is a very low viscosity cyanoacrylate and was developed for demanding high speed wicking applications. Excellent adhesion and cure speed on difficult to bond plastics and rubbers and contaminated or acidic surfaces.

APPLICATIONS: High performance wicking and bonding of close-fitting parts incuding: plastics, rubbers, metal, wood, leather, fabric and composites to themselves or in various combinations

USEFUL HINTS/NOTES: Bond time is extremely fast, align parts prior to assembly. Also for locking parts that are pre-assembled.


  • Made in the USA!
  • Specially designed no-clog cap
  • 3 different points of seal to assure the product inside is kept fresh

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  • Non-Slip Tips Red 24 Gauge (4)

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Detailed Information

With Mercury the bottle cap frustration is gone forever!

The bottle top Mercury has designed actually screws on and off instead of the usual push on and pull off. The Mercury application channel is also scientifically engineered in such a way to help prevent clogging.

This remarkable cap is actually two caps in one to preserve freshness and is designed with a pin built right into the tip of the cap as well as a unique pressure sealing mechanism to maintain freshness.