1/8 Ultra LX-2E Rolling Chassis 4WD Buggy



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Required to Complete

- Transmitter/Reciever
- Servo
- Brushless Speed Control
- Brushless Motor
- 7.4V Li-Po and charger


The ULTRA LX2 ELECTRIC continues the legacy of the ultra series, bringing new innovative features to this hi-performance 1/8th scale off-road buggy. Our research and development team found that this kit was very easy to drive with smooth and consistent handling, thanks to features such as the 16mm big bore shocks, triad racing tires and C-hub suspension. The ULTRA LX2 ELECTRIC has tons of travel to cover all sorts of terrain and high flying jumps. With so many electric variables you can dial the buggy in for high speed run or track worthy vehicle. Multiple adjustments on the LX2 can be made like shock positions, adjustable turnbuckles, rear toe and ride height. Shocks and diffs can also be tweaked with different viscosity oils to adjust for traction and reaction of the shocks for loose and bumpy to high bite and smooth tracks.

The ULTRA LX-2 has a C-Hub Suspension which is the competitors choice! Built of strong Dupont nylon this pro design has plenty of steering. Look closely, the pivot screw is our patented T-bolt king pin design, making this a solid foundation to prevent losing a locking bolt. Even after locking bolt failure, the king pin will not fall out.

ULTRA LX-2's suspension is supported by our very popular 16mm big bore shocks, giving the LX-2 a perfect balance of oil volume for bumps and a plush, but firm ride. These hardcoated shock bodies have threaded collars for easy rideheight adjustability. These Big Bore's are the best of the bunch and are stock with the LX-2 and other OFNA pro buggies. As well as on the shock bodies, this hardcoating is carried over all aluminum parts such as; shock towers, front plate, hinge pins holder, radio tray and fully countersunk chassis.

The UltraLX2e comes with a 51 tooth Module 1 composite spur gear which is lightweight in roational mass for acceleration and speed. The thickness of the spur at the teeth is 6.75mm across which provides plenty of contact for the pinion to mesh with. It is attached to the o-ring sealed differential and a cnc motor mount to ensure that power and traction will not flex off the spur gear. Multiple motor combos can be used on the cnc mount. From 550 can up to 775 can motors and a maximum of an 18 tooth pinion can be used for those insane speed runs.

This battery tray does double duty as it holds your battery of choice and speed controller in place. Whether you're using a 2 cell or high voltage 4 cell, the three velcro straps keep your battery anchored to the car for those high flying jumps and those occasional accidental barrel rolls. It's second duty is keeping the electronic speed control in a nice safe area clear of making contact with the ground and causing chassis slapping failure. The platform is plenty big to accommodate those sizey ESC's.

Our popular Hi impact wing continues to work with the Ultra series. OFNA's Hi Downforce wing offers high speed stability and balance through the air. This wing has been proven to be as tough as nails. Hard impacts and wing twisting is no match for this wing. Our nylon has been hammer tested to ensure this wing will last.

The UltraLX2e is equipped with front and rear chassis braces to create a solid structure that will keep the chassis from flexing even on the roughest tracks.

A hardcoated aluminum front plate supports the steering posts from flexing under hard loads. The servo mounting area is intregrated with a sealed receiver box to keep your receiver protected from the elements. The servo is mounted vertically next to the receiver box for a form fitting layout. Helping the servo is a spring loaded servo saver system for those hard impacts that may damage a servo. This is yet another solid structure to further the Ultra buggy legacy.

By far the best shocks in the off-road industry continue to florish as they are equipped on the Ultra LX2e. 3.5mm shock shafts with threaded hardcoated shock bodies and caps make for a strong and long lasting shock. Ride height is easily adjusted by turning the collars to the ride height you need without getting the shock boots twisted and bound up. O-ring rebuildable, the shock has now become a standard part of the Ultra LX2e.


  • C-Hub suspension
  • 16mm Hard coated aluminum threaded shocks
  • Front universals
  • Stone guards
  • High performance triad racing tires
  • Ultra light dish wheels
  • Low profile body design
  • Hi-down force wing
  • Low profile battery and ESC trays
  • Sealed receiver box
  • Light weight composite spur gear
  • Hard coated aluminum center and front plates
  • Hard coated aluminum shock towers
  • Front and rear chassis braces
  • Front and rear sway bars
  • Aluminum motor mount
  • Hard coated aluminum chassis
  • Sealed bearings


4WD Off-road Buggy
19.5 in (495mm)
11.7 in (298mm)
12.9 in (330mm)
7.1lbs (3221g)
Hard Coated Aluminum Chassis
Coil over oil filled aluminum shocks
Motor or Engine:
1900KV Brushles motor
Speed Control:
90 Amp ESC
2.4GHz Radio system

Parts & Accessories

Completion Guides Recommended   (See All)

  • Vortex MR8 1950 KV

  • Vortex R8 Pro Brushless ESC (180A, 2-6S)

  • DX3R PRO 3-Channel Racing System

  • S6030 Digital Surface Servo - High-Torque

Parts Listing   (See All)

  • 1/8 High Downforce Buggy Wing, White

  • Fr/R Gear Case:GTLX,GTP2e

  • CNC Motor Mount: LX1e

  • Chassis, Hard Coated: LX1e

Hop-Ups   (See All)

  • Silicone Diff Oil, 1000 Wt

  • Silicone Diff Oil, 3000 Wt

  • Spring .59 Rear 16mm Blue

  • Spring .60 Rear 16mm Silver